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I've closed my business account with Chase after three years of terrible service, but only because I moved to Boston, where there are no Chase banks. I called to ask how to go about closing my account, and they told me I could do it over the phone and they would send my the remainder of my balance. This was late January 2012. I waited and waited to receive a check for more than $3300 and nothing arrived in the mail.

When I called in mid-March, I was told it was probably lost in the mail and that they would issue me another one. I waited again, but no check arrived even after a month passed.

I called back in early April. They said I should have received the replacement check (!) but since I did not, they would send me another check and I would receive it in 5-7 days (because they WOULD NOT use priority mail or certified mail to send this out, even though it was lost the first two times!)

Mid-April, I receive an "affidavit and indemnity agreement" document, basically stating that the check was lost and that I had to sign it, get it NOTARIZED and send it back. I was furious because I was just expecting to finally receive my check as promised.

The lady helping me kept calling the National Accounts Closing department, who WILL NOT talk directly to clients. They refused to send out my check without me sending back the notarized document. No explanation as to why two sent checks never made it to me, why NOBODY mentioned I was supposed to receive this affidavit and send it back to get my money, why I was promised on TWO OCCASIONS that a replacement check would be coming my way in 5-7 days.

It's been almost three months since I've closed my account, and I have yet to receive my closing balance from Chase. I find it hard to believe that TWO checks they sent out were lost in the mail in two months time. They're just keeping my money hostage and are forcing me to pay for notaries and wait longer and longer, even if this is COMPLETELY THEIR FAULT.

I've been on the phone an average of 45min each time and EACH PERSON I talk to every time tells me different things, promises different things and disputes anything the previous person told me ("I am not sure why they told you that!", "I am not sure why you didn't receive the affidavit form the first time we put in the request for lost check", "I am not sure why they told you you'd be receiving a check instead of an affidavit form" etc)

I wish there was something I could do to make Chase pay for making me waste so much time and energy on GETTING MY OWN MONEY back from them. I knew they had terrible customer service, but I figured that it was just because of the overall poor quality of bank service in NYC. But this exceeds any issue or frustration I've ever had with them.

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  • Mw
      19th of Apr, 2012

    you should have closed your account in person.

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  • Ma
      18th of May, 2012

    They are holding my money hostage as well. Never upon closure of an account have I had a bank tell me they have to wait 3 weeks to send funds out. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

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  • Te
      20th of Jul, 2013

    chase closed my account 2 weeks ago, the lady at the bank told me I will receive the balance in my account in 10 working days. it's been over that. where the f---k is my money chase?

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  • Wh
      9th of Jan, 2015

    I encountered exactly the same thing! Literally word by word of your complaint! Never got to talk to any specialist directly but the customer service, always kept me waiting for a specialist from the department in charge to call me back, which never took place, and then I had to call the customer service and told me story all over again!! Now I am at the point that they asked me to send the affidavit and indemnity agreement back and they will issue my another check. So far, I've paid for all the international calls I made for hours and hours and the fee of notarization and FedEx to mail the affidavit back for they FAULT! I'm overseas now, no plans to go back to America in a short wile, so I can't close the account in person. Feel really hopeless that I can only make calls and wait!! Did you receive your check in the end?

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