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The worst. I have made a quick pay for the first time to our son's college account. Noticed right away that it didn't show up on the college account. Called Chase and explained the situation. I was made aware that the quickpay was cancelled and was instructed to use transfer pay instead. Also I need to wait till the end of that day to see the money back into my account. Next day, I checked my account, there was no money. I called again, just to find out the first person LIED and did no cancel anything. To make the story short. After calling numerous times, I was told my son's phone number matched an account from another bank. He doesn't have another account if we as his parents didn't open one at another bank.That's strange but Chase asked for his oersonal information when I add him as a a new contact for quickpay not just a number. They took a claim, so they can get the money back from wherever. At the end, claim was denied. I called Chase, just to be told it was "valid and that I should try to get it myself". I had that account when it was Washington Mutual for almost 20 years.As for now, I am closing the account and gi somewhere else. Horrible service. The people that they have are clueless, needs training and they are not professionals. So disappointed at Chase. I wasn't given back my money. I guess, if someone has multiple account and money is send to them, Chase will avoid your information that you enter and deposit to whichever account they feel like it.

Sep 18, 2017

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