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Chase Bank Checking / grandfathered in bank one checking acct.

1 TX, United States

Bank One checking account holder for 10 or so years before Chase bought them- so account holder for about 15 years now. I was assured at the time Chase aquired my account that it would be grandfathered in with zero changes. The account is 100% totally free checking, no minimum balance requirements, no direct deposit, no monthly service fees, no spending requirements etc. FREE in every essence of the word.

My accidental life insurance policy, which was originally offered and set up through Bank One is taken out of this account. This is the only thing I use the account for- nothing else. $16.50 auto withdraw every 3 months- $20 deposit every three months to cover it.

Evidently Chase was unhappy with not making monthly fees so according to them they notified me in January 2009 on my statement that the account would be changed to a $500 minimum balance account or a $10 fee would be charged. I never got that notification as I get online statements- I am requesting a hard copy at a local branch today to see what the alleged notification actually said. But just because you are notified doesn't make it okay to do anything they want. Years of account history informed them that the account would not have $500 in it nor would it have more than the one transaction every quarter.

The account had $3.40 in it when they wanted to take the brand new $10 monthly fee out in February. So they took every last penny in February leaving a zero balance, it was just days after my auto withdraw had hit- otherwise they would have gotten their $10 and I would have not had the funds to cover my insurance. I am sure that would have triggered massive overdraft fees etc... After 60 days of a zero balance, the account is automatically closed. I show up to deposit my $20 for the life insurance policy and am notified that I no longer have an account.

After going in and talking to the c/s rep and and asst. mgr.- the bank manager calls me to inform me that I can have the account back as is for the $10 per month or $500 minimum balance or I can 'upgrade' to a new account for $6 per month. How is it an upgrade from $0 per month to a $6 fee per month? I guess in her mind that is better than $10, in my mind its still $6 per month more than I had been paying.

I told her that I was getting royally screwed for $120 per year or worse for $72 per year. She didn't agree that changing an existing free account to a fee account out of the blue is screwing anyone. So after 15 years, Chase has zero monthly fees from me (other than the $3.40 they took) and one massively unhappy ex-Chase customer vs. the option of zero monthly fees and a happy Chase customer. No wonder all the banks are having so many issues, they all suck at serving their customers. They all only think of the fees they can bleed from each account holder.

What recourse to we have? What can the little people do against the greedy giant banks? I guess this is the only thing we can do- warn each other that they are scheming, money hungry, heartless, fee charging machines. I highly recommend not using banks at all, but definitely not any bank with the name Chase on it or that has Chase as a parent company. It will only be a matter of time before your specific raping will occur. As found all over the internet, Chase is evil and cares nothing for those that keeps it in business. Good luck to you.

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