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Chase Bank / chase id protection charge

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I had my chase credit card june 2007. When I got the card, I called a number coming along with the credit card. - maybe this call led to my purchase of the id protection, but maybe not - I don't remember exactly. But very soon (June or july) when I found the id protection charge of $11.99 on my statement, I called them to cancel the service immediately, because I would just stay in us for 1 year and I don't need to build my credit history.

However, about 3 months ago (Feb. Or mar.2008), I found chase has been billing me $11.99 for the id protection since july 2007. I immediately called the number [protected] (Id protection department in chase) to cancel the membership again.

Yesterday (May 11, 2008), I found the bill is still on my bill statement. I called chase's customer service again to 1) cancel the membership again; 2) refund all the payment. But they told me that they don't have my records of canceling the service and only agree to refund me for two months. They said it's my fault that I didn't closely watch my statement.

Actually I seldom use this credit card. I trusted chase and its service in the past and didn't know they would do so badly.

I have no reason to have such a service for two reasons. 1) I will go back to my home country next month and don't need to build my credit history in us. 2) I seldom used this credit card. For about 3 or 4 months out of my past 11 months using this card, the only bill is the id protection.

I clearly remember I called chase last july (Or june), because I even joked to my friends that chase was a bad sales to sell to a wrong customer. I also clearly remember I called chase in feb. Or mar. 2008, because I was already angry that time.

I don't check my bank statement often also for several reasons. 1) I trust chase. 2) I seldom use that credit card. The payment each month is too small for me to get alert. 3) I set up an automatic payment from my bank account to this credit card.

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  • Ma
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I have an unauthorized charge of $14.95 on my credit card. This is scam! Beware!

  • Ll
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    I have a similar complaint regarding the Chase ID protection. My wife and I called more than six(6) months ago to cancel this Chase ID protection. They advised me that they would cancel and never did. I must admit that there was an oversight on my behalf and the charge of $11.99 appeared on my statement every month. So I called Chase credit card customer service 06/2008, to tell the cutomer service agent that the Chase ID protection service was never cancelled six(6) months ago and I would like a full refund. I was advised that the company extends its apologies, but all they could refund was two (2) months of service. They also had no record of the prior call to cancel. Chase credit card customer service then referred me to Chase ID protection. They were rude and a joke. Chase ID protection customer service then referred me back to Chase credit card customer service. At this point it is a waste. I advised the rep at Chase ID protection that I would be writing this message and that I would tell all of my family and friends about the horrible service at this company.

  • Le
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    I am dealing with shameless Chase id protection charge, now. You know what we should record the name and number of the ID protection costumer service. And for sure I'll complain them for cheating me twice. I called them 2 times to cancel the charge, actually never be done.

  • Ad
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    I have the same situation more or less but my charge has been going on since October 2007 (more than a year).

    I spoke to ID Protection, initially they told me that they do not have any proof of me authorizing this charge and also mentioned this information is "vague" on my account. I was then transfered to level to support and spoke to a representative who would not tell me her full name, she just told me her name was Deborah and wouldn't tell me her full name when I asked because she did not have to. Then, when I spoke to "Deborah, " she told me there was a phone call authorizaion and it would take about 8 to 12 weeks to pull out that phone call. Also, if they find out that I actually authorized it in a phone call, they will take all the credits that they have given me. I was surprised learning about the credits that they have given me because I had no clue about these credits. Upon asking, she mentioned the first representative that i spoke to had cancelled my "membership" and had given me the credit for last two charges which i i never asked for. Then "Deborah" put me on hold in order to get ready to do the paper for about five minutes. She came back on the phone, and asked me my billing address (which I gave to her at the beginning of the call) and then the phone number. This was all the paper work she needed.

    I felt humiliated about all this, thinking about why wouldn't she tell me her name. If I am trusting Chase with thousands of dollars and making my payments religiously, why can an employee not tell me her full name for my records. She gets loud on the phone with me when I insisted to know her name (right before she told me that she doesn't have to give me her name). I even asked her if I can go to the court and demand justice just to make an example so this doesnot happen to other people without their knowledge. On that, she said that I cannot do much, I can just get all the money back if they find out that there was no call from authorizing this. Obviously, something is fishy here.

    Then, I wanted to talk to someeone who can give me his/her full name for court purpose and asked for her supervisor. I was on hold for about 15 minutes, supervisor came. I asked him same question about his name, he told me that his name is John. I asked full name and he said it's John and gave me his extension number. I asked why wouldn't he tell me his full name, he said, "it's company policy." That got me even more curious, now i wanted to know the script of company's policy and he said I couldn't have it, that is also against their policy. He told me that I could get all this information from ""

    This is the story of my evening of 10/30/2008.

    I am currently looking for a law firm to take this matter forward, if anyone knows a lawfirm, please let me know by e-mail ""

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