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Chase Auto Finance / chase auto=manipulative, dishonest, and bullies

1 IL, United States Review updated:

I received a call today from a guy at chase auto finance...very untrustworthy and manipulative. I asked him for docs. related to my car that was repo'd (voluntarily) and sold at an auction by chase. and the tone in his voice changed!...he eventually said my 04 landrover discovery was sold for! a car that i payed 26000 for! less than 2yrs ago!..these guys are thieves and will be reported. he called to do ME a FAVOR...he wanted to SAVE me money...unbelievable. i got myself into a very very bad loan with chase auto finance and Luxury motors in illinois...these people have no morals..they are thieves that prey on people. a $26000 car, with credit score in the mid 600's was financed close to $46000 and for 7yrs...i cannot believe what i got myself in!

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  • Ri
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    I financed a 2004 Toyota Rav4 during a period when I was making 134K/yr. It was still a "pricey loan" at 11% then. AFter paying on it for several years, I suffered multiple hospitalizations/disabilities and ended up with a 42K job (which I'm grateful to have). Chase repo'd the car, and sold it at auction. Now trying to get me to pay the "balance" on the loan. Is this possible????? They have the collateral? They sold the car? I'm paying 53% of my current salary in child support, and I'm lucky to clear $616 every two weeks (child support is $809 every two weeks)!!! I rent, don't have any other means, do I just declare bankruptcy? If that's what they force me to do I guess I will, but I was beaen up brutally by the phone calls at home, work, cell threats and lots of things I assumed were illegal. This is crazy. I'm trying to get my child support reduced in this neanderthal state. I'm still paying on an emancipated child! Finally, a hearing on the 28th. We'll see, I have nothing they can take! Will a judge allow them to garnish my wages after they took the car. Also, there was a binding arbitration clause in the loan. Don't they have to follow that?

  • Js
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    Binding arbitration applies to you suing them, not the other way around.

    They sold the car at auction, and deducted the amount they got for it from the amount of your remaining balance. Someone still has to pay that remaining balance, and that someone is you.

    They don't care about what other expenses you may have, they are also an expense that you will need to fit into your budget. making that much money in the past, you must have gained at least a little knowledge of how things work. You can't just walk away from a loan.

  • Ir
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree with Jsmithee. You signed a contract for specific terms. You also signed saying you read and understood the contract. You can't expect for them to give you money and then not recover the amount owing on the loan.

    I see a lot of complaints on here about this kind of thing. I just wonder where is the personal responsibilty.

  • Ba
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    "personal responsibility"

    So does personal responsibility extend to not giving tickets to people when they speed? Should there be no enforcement of speed limits, because people 'should be personally responsible"?

    Should there be no laws for people abusing their children, because it is their "personal responsbility" to insure they're not abusing their kids?

    Should there be no laws for people abusing the welfare system, since "it is their personal responsibility" to insure they do not abuse it?

    Seems to me, there's a one sided view to people vs. govt/corporations when either of the 3 get themselves into messes.

    A person needing an auto to get to work with bad credit due to medical expenses, or other less 'practical' reasons has limited options for buying a car...the company that is offering such ludicrous terms knows full well the ability of a person to pay back extraordinary fees/monthly payments over a long term loan. Suing for the discrepancy that includes huge interest charges is immoral if the car would have been paid off from payments already made, auction proceeds, etc.

    The government gets in over its head, it just raises taxes or prints more tax payer money based on nothing.

    A bank gets in over its head, it begs money from the government and gets it, then gives million dollar raises to its CEOs who made the bad decisions in the first place.

    But it alllll comes down to the little guy, and his need for reliable transportation...he's eventually raped in a financial transaction and when he's set up to fail from the beginning there's no common sense approach to stop this cycle.

    You know what you can do with your "personal responsibility"?

    You can tell this kid that he'll have to ride around in a deathtrap on his visits to the doctor, or to school because his parents didn't want to get raped over a simple auto loan.

  • Jl
      9th of Oct, 2012
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    Got a call Monday by someone posing as "investigator Garcia". A reverse lookup phone number check revealed the number is from the "campus Habitat" in Carbondale, Illinois. There is a huge university in Carbondale, Illinois. Why would an "investigator" be calling me from a "campus Habitat"...The initial message was just, "this is investigator Garcia, please call me at 618-319-4500 at ext. 114 regarding case # 238725. I tried to call back and did not get a live person. I was sent from the 114 extension to "dial 0" for the next available investigator. I never did get a human. I left a message. I called my local police to inquire if this as part of a scam. They had no notifications it was. So Investigator Garcia called me today at work. She said she was hired by Chase for reposession of our truck. I needed to disclose the location of the truck. I told her that my local police department advised me to get the company name of the caller, she refused stating that she was hired by Chase to repossess my truck. I again refused to give her any information and she would not relent to my request to identify what company she is with. I hung up on her. I did an internet search that alerted me to the fact that Chase Auto Finance Collections department (at least in several states) pose as police and harass people. When my husband called the collections department, he spoke with Kim and was advised our truck payment was past due (they say 73 days because they posted my last payment to "principal" and therefore it did not post properly, thus alerting that I did not make a payment.) They had left me several messages (let me just say they call, and this is NO joke 6-10 times a day from different phone numbers). I had spoken to a collections gentleman in September and made arrangements for payment; which he and I were satisfied with the plan. This lady went on to state they have me in reposession of my vehicle unless I pay $563.74 NOW, TODAY, over the phone, Not, tomorrow morning (it's 5pm here) NOW. I don't have the money until an electronic deposit hits at midnight. Nope, not good enough, I have to pay NOW. It was suggested I borrow it and call back tonight with a payment. Let me say again, it's 5 pm. My bank does not apply payments after 5 to the same day, it gets credited to the next business day. Needless to say, this lady was very unhelpful and unwilling to allow me 24 hours to get to the bank. I am a nurse and I leave at 5:30 am and get home around 4:00 pm. I have never tried to avoid my responsibility and have always paid, albeit late, but pay. The economy is bad and I just found a job a year ago. CHASE is using illegal tactics to frighten people into sending them money. Just beware!!! If investigator Garcia calls your house.

  • La
      25th of Dec, 2013
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    Dealing with loan fraud from Chase for my Mom. Chase participated in loan fraud to get a loan approved by knowingly accepting falsified documents. AS expected with outrageous loan fees, the car was eventually repoed. They claim they only got $450 for a $6700 car at auction. That's a junk yard dump price. After "fees" this only left $125 toward the pay-off, and other fees consumed that, so she got less than zero credit for repo and auction. It would have been cheaper to dump the car in a lake or set it on fire than let these Chase A-holes repo it. Incidentally they also did an illegal foreclosure on m sister, and stole 10s of thousand in equity. It's easy to abuse people in hardship knowing they have limited option in defending themselves from their standard legal scams. Chase took a large part in creating these hardships due to their greed, lack of competence or no concern with following legal requirements except how to bypass them, and no concern with responsibility on their part beyond getting as much money out of people as they can. They are proven liars and thieves in many legal cases, yet they have the nerve to get on here and lecture others about personal responsibility. Chase reps should have a special place in Hell. DO NOT waste you time trying to work anything out with their a-hole phone rep people. Just get the legal info you need. Record the calls for proof, as they often lie on the phone and say illegal things, more-so than in writing. . Force all information to be put in writing. Have a lawyer check it out against your own true information. They count on consumers not being able to protect their rights.

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