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Chase Auto Finance / miscalculated my loan over charging 1000's too much in interest

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Dear mr. Nader;

This is why we need you more that ever. Maybe you can use any of this for your campaign, its so horrific. Not once, but twice, I found it hard to be an american.

1. Chase auto finance needs to be under federal investigation for the enclosed documents; I truly believe from internal chase employees actions there are millions of us over charged interest.

I had to hire an hourly attorney to fix chases mistake (Using my last bit of savings) and found this week, I will never get my money back. Ive never monetarily recovered and in debt from the first corporate hit on me of renter toxic mold mico toxin.

Attorneys wont sue on contingent for - us - little people - for a small breach of contract on i. E. : 4k-5k-6k. The law appears to allow only actual monetary damages of the breach of contract. It appears the breach of contract law is written only for large corporate america because mental anguish, punitive damages and. Are not applicable (From what attorneys tell me, in cases like mine, there are a lot of me-ss). So stuck with my attorney costs, was stuck in a loan, and the seven year ___ they put me through. The chase vp letter calculations still dont add up. He did one heck of a tap dance in his letter. The big abbreviation for - us - little people - is; sol..

Therefore, if you look at it from a - street smart - standpoint of only the actual monetary damages of the breach are allowed for chases favorable littler miscalculations. Than its legal for chase to miss calculate interest loans to their advantage. Attorneys mention companies like chase know (In most cases) the customer is unable to afford an attorney. The customer finds it easier to pay chase the money they should not owe, and walk away. Therefore, chase from a - street smart - standpoint legally gets to keep our hard earned money even if they are in breach of contract. No wonder theyre worth trillions. No wonder im broke.

And, I believe if you look at it the - street smart - way of life; that makes it - legal - to over charge interest to millions of customers only during the years they need a stock price elevated. Or, considering a sell to bank one while needing a booster on sale price. Then covering up my reaffirmation contract. I made 70+ calls before I was forced to hire an attorney.

After my extensive investigation and desperate attempts to see why my loan was a mess. I truly believe a federal investigation into their loans will uncover extensive corruption. If it was not for the 18k maturity notice coming, I would have never thought a trillion dollar company could not do a simple interest loan.

2. As if that was not all I had to deal with and found hundreds of others from my web site;

Billion dollar landlords are getting away with building and or renting toxic mold/mico toxin apartments. Attorney dont find it worth the cost of litigation to fight for one little renter.

Therefore, again, if you look at the law from a - street smart - point of view, it might as well be legal to rent toxic apartments. Of course, there are no true penalties against these landlords and again us - little people - crawl away, madder and madder at the government for not protecting us against these corporate crimes. We loose everything.

The government keeps wanting - us - little people - to put our money back into the economy. But, how can we? The big corp guys keep illegally stealing it from us and legally get away with it. We are not worth the cost of litigation on contingent and we dont have money to pay an attorney their required $300.00/hr fees. There are no true penalties to make these companies legally accountable to - us - little people-. Therefore, its legal for them to be illegal.

And, if - one of - us - little people - are not involved in; #1 and #2, of the above. Then they are most likely stuck working for a billion/trillion dollar corporate america that will not pay them enough against the climbing cost of living and / or will put them in a toxic work environment with dirty vents blowing on them all day. And, its all legal from a - street smart - little person - standpoint.

Im a headhunter/recruiter and loved it. You ever sat in a room with 100s of people in cubicles, no windows for true light, only breathing re-circulated and toxic air, not making enough money to have a nice dinner or take a vacation. I saw this all the time.

Dont even try to complain to your hr department. Ive been there at the executive level meetings. They are in a nice area of the company which has natural light, clean vents. Hr will document you in the computer system as a risk employee sooner than they with acknowledge the problem and help the employee by having the vent filter changed. So again from a - street smart - standpoint - little people - have no rights.

Then, we hear our government say they are cutting little checks for - us -. You are asking - us - (The corporate screwed - little people - to circulate more money back into the corrupt large billion/trillion dollar corp america. Your asking - us - to support the billion/trillion dollar corporate america that screws - us - little people - every minute for anything they can illegally get away with. Your asking - us - to support a billion/trillion corporate america whom has already made millions off - us - little people - by legally— illegally miscalculate our loans to their advantage. Or, selling us poor products sent to market - un-tested - properly because the billion/trillion dollar corp needs the money quicker. Or, not be accountable for offering true customer service should we find a problem with their services and products. Even more so; your asking - us-, the - little people - to support and help grow a billion/trillion dollar corporate america that is sending our jobs overseas while our government is also sending most our tax dollars there too.

I-ve had too many seasoned professionals cry on the phone to me because they are loosing their jobs to oversea-s employee-s. Corp america hires 2-3 of them for one seasoned professional position here.

You should hear the jokes we make on all this. After we had a good cry.

Most people crawl away. However, my grandpa, who was a naval aerospace commanding engineer always told me to fight. I was raised by a military dad as well. I was at the white house once and all over wa when little, every summer on the way to the ocean city, nj shore.

Its all below on what really happens to us little people.

Chase detail story with docs enclosed -

Re: jp morgan, chase auto finance, garden city, ny - a seven year mess continues.

Chase charged me over $23,000.00 on a simple interest - $48,235.00 loan for a bmw. I put $30,000.00 down on the car. Chase sent me a maturity notice for approximately $18,000.00 more in november 2007. My loan started 11/2000.

I reaffirmed in 2003 - simple interest at 9%, that-s when real trouble started of miscalculation of interest to their advantage. Looks like I paid approx $17,000.00 interest with $12,000.00 principal just after the reaffirmation. Additionally, looks like from the chase loan summary sheet they did not apply any principal at all to my loan for months on end. This prevented me from selling the car due to, too high a principal amount. Then threatened me extensively with collections and repossession, again and again, stating they would find me no matter where I went. After an attorney, I was forced to hire, I still cant get an accurate calculated loan summary. But the chase vp lowered the loan pay off about $14,000.000. Now stuck with attorney costs and still a miss calculated loan.

After sitting on hold over 70+ documented times; transferred around and disconnected -

All I ever heard - over and over and over - for several hours at a time is:

-chase the right relationship is everything... , - chase the right relationship is everything...

Due to sickness I tried to sell the car and upside down on the loan because of chase. S inaccurate principal/over interest calculations, always short about 5-6k (Which was huge to me). My payments at $858.98 were killing me. I was illegally forced to stay in that loan.

In [protected] for months off and on, they stated my payments were not due and then I received an 18k notice to. Pay or else with collection notices.. Without my knowledge chase changed their computer system. It appears in a desperate attempt to correct, inaccurately, toward the end of the loan. Now 160k miles and forced to pay high maintenance costs to keep it running, I still don. T get an accurate payoff to my loan with an accurate. Loan summary..

I made over 70 documented calls (Act data base notes) to chase since 2003. I have all my phone records for the duration of my loan. I was forced to hire an hourly attorney when I received the 18k notice 11/2007 to stay out of repossession again. Looks like they illegally repossessed the car twice.

The vice president - chase - andy sulfsted - [protected] finally acknowledged there was a problem with my loan only after an attorney was involved. He stated I had a 9% simple interest loan. . Mr. Sulfated stated I had a 39 mo loan when it's actually 46 month as I have the payoff coupons. Per the car calculator mr. Sulfated, shows - a tap dance - of calculations which still do not add up to the correct payment we calculated. Additionally, mr. Sulfsted stated: the reaffirmation terms were based on an outstanding balance of $34,517.23. However, chases principal and interest full loan calculation computerized summary shows my loan was calculated during the reaffirmation at $28,708.42 and mr. Sulfsted is wrong or lied to cover up.

Mr. Sulfated sent a letter of somewhat apology in january 2008, with lowering the loan amount to $4,294.00. However, their collections is still threatening repo for approximately $18,744.00 now. Mr. Sulfsted will not return my calls since my hourly attorney is not on the case. Therefore, it appears I am threatened with repossession and collections in which they will find my anywhere, for a loan amount I do not owe still. When chases so called vice president was to re-calculated and fix it !!

The chase vp also stated he enclosed the reaffirmation contract with his letter to my attorney. And, he did not enclose it. He only enclosed the original contract I signed with sterling bmw. My attorney and myself have never been able to get chase to turn over my reaffirmation agreement. Now i'm stuck with attorney fees too.

My hired attorney stated in correspondence to chase that it was the most messed up loan hes ever seen. Chases collections were all over me. They had already previously filed (2) liens (For one instance) in oc courts when I was not to be in repossession in 2005. But as a little person who means nothing in america, I was stuck with the (2) illegal liens on my record in the court house. They showed 'open' and in repo for approx 3 years. They also filed the liens prior to their 30 day deadline for me to dispute per their own correspondence.

I tried to sell the car on many occasions to get from under the high payments / high maintenance costs of a bmw. Brakes; $1,800, tires $2,000. Approx $4,000-$6,000 per year maintenance with leaks etc. Car now has 160k miles. I had to barrow money from friends, at times; to make my blue cross monthly payment, food, doctor bills, etc, as I was sick for many years and still have doctor bills outstanding. I needed a car for dr appts and was upside down on the loan. The high cost of mo payments and maintenance were killing me. The value of the car was much, much lower than the principal amount. I was stuck with chase loan for years and could not even refinance with another company. The stress of having to borrow money from friends was horrendous.

Chase credited payments and un-credited them charging me late fees. Chases loan summary shows a great deal of payments were not credited to my account until about a year later. A collection person stated my checks bounced when I tried to explain the problems. I have every check written since the duration of my loan and none bounced. About 11 of my payments were not credited until a year later.

In 2001 I was paid one year in advance. Chase did not credit my payments until 2002. Threatening me with collections over and over, never fixing my loan completely. I had to call in and get them to do their jobs right all the time on my loan. Chase sends me (2) different types of loan summary notices. One showing payments applied correctly. The other loan summaries showing payments not credited for many months. Its as though chase keep two sets of books.

I made over 70 calls to chase since 2003. All documented using my cell phone with act database. Chase only transferred me around to many different departments; reaffirmation, bk, collections, customer service (Over and over with every call) , disconnected me and I would be forced to call back again and again, desperately begging for help on many occasions. This caused a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety and I have a heart problem, ibs, signs of lupus. I get fevers when I get upset now since all this started. Cell phone records will show hours on the phone at a time. My data base notes state how I cried.

Chase repossessed the car in 2004. If the payments had been correct with principal I would have had the extra money to pay. Again, I was trying to sell the car that year and stuck upside down on the loan too. I was charged extensive repo fee's. It loan was calculated properly, should have had extra money. I tried to explain to their collections, I woke up my car was gone. I have lived in fear since of my car disappearing.

Chase tried to repossess the car again in 2005. They had attorneys this time. The attorney letter stated I had 30 days to dispute. I disputed it. I should not have been behind or even been in repossession at all. However, they already filed (2) liens in oc courts, on my record and then admitted a mistake. The liens stayed open for years and I disputed prior to the 30 days. With the liens, I was denied an apartment. It looked at though my car was still in repossession 3 years later.

Thinking I made payments to this company above and beyond all these years. While trying to get out from under this loan, with 70 calls, makes me physically ill to this day and very, very angry, stress, upset, sleepless, anxious. And, its all legal for chase to do this to - us - little people -. Because we cant sue. Attorneys dont find it worth the cost of litigation.

September 2007, after a chase manager told me in july 2007, I had an 18k balloon coming in november 2007. I was put on rest disability, my fevers become more frequent. Now stuck with attorney fees to correct their mistake. I tried desperately to understand the mess with my loan. Chases representative, managers, and many employees would not help me.

End of december, again, I could not sell the car as the pay off amount is much greater than the loan amount. I was forced to put another 3500 to keep it running, the steering went out. Now my radiator is leaking and the suspension is out. I need to get out from under this mess and them mentally termoiling me with illegal collections and inaccurate accounting..

I want restitution from chase and desperately need a consumer activist attorney on contingent. I have all documentation since the origination of my loan. .

This company will not stop their illegal ways until someone stands up to them.

My hourly attorney wrote on my behalf:

Ms. ________:

I hope this works out for you. Chase really jerked you around and you did not deserve that. They do that because so few people actually see an attorney and hold their feet to the fire.

Good luck on this.

Attorney; bob ______

On the very worst side of this;

No wonder teenagers are so angry they shoot up schools. They see no future, after, most likely, over hearing their parents in all these messes while their on the phone crying to get help after loosing their hard earned money to illegal, un-litigationable, corp. America tactics. They are in pain seeing their parents in pain; whom may, or may not, be taking it out on their children physically or mentally.. Who knows for sure but the shootings are another example things need to change this year more than ever in the history of the united states.

After all I went through, I believe the change needs to start with a happy consumer & corp america - illegally - legally - running this countries little people into the ground for profit. Then more honest money will be circulated on a regular basis in america. Less stress. We are pulling back our money more than ever, and its all due to corporate americas illegal actions that from a - little persons - standpoint shows is legally done against us.

Best regards,

I would really like to hear from an attoney. I have all documentation since the origination of my loan - including many chase loan summary's.

Since I made over 70 calls to chase begging for help, disconnected, transferred. Not helped at all... While listening to - chase the right relationship is everything... Over and over hours on end...

I put my docs in pretty professional binders and sent (Ing) to news, radio and government agencies including the fbi.

However, the reaffirmation agreement that chase wont turn over and would never turn over, I still don't have.

Chase vp letter stated it was 9% simple interest loan.

I would be happy to mail attorneys my binder for help.

You may reach me through

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  • Le
      5th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I don't know either to start at the 70 times you mentioned calling 70 times, or the fact that much of your complaint had little to nothing to do with your auto loan payments. I won’t even go into all the irrelevant and repetitive information your readers have to read through to get to the main point of your compliant (don’t let venting over take common reasoning). Overall it sounds to me like you’ve have had trouble making your payments, “My payments at $858.98 were killing me. I was illegally forced to stay in that loan”, I’m not to sure how you could have been forced into any contract loan agreement you signed yourself. Here’s a tip for thought, living by your means will avoid these situations. Sure it is the American dream to live a lavish life and have it all now, but once you have it you’re stuck with it. Don’t cry about it after the fact and play the victims because you got over your head. You talk about having street smarts when what you need is common sense, and the willingness to thoroughly read your contact agreement, because I’m sure it would have told you if it was a simple interest loan, and also the interest rates you’d be paying. On a last note, every American is entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, this doesn’t only apply to the “Little man” but the “Big man” too.

  • Vi
      20th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    You don't thing charging someone $17, 000.00 interest and $12, 000.00 principal on a 9% loan is illegal and keep that person from selling the car from being upside down on the loan !!

    YOU STUPID IDIOT should read something before you make unreasonable comments. Must be a women who wrote the comment. Chase over charges me every month when my check arrives on time. We have plenty of money.

  • Cr
      26th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    chase is doing me the same way the money i send for payments all if it goes towards the interest and only $32.00 dollars to my principle that is not right at all

  • Mz
      17th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think everyone should have to take a class on simple interest before they sign a simple interst contract. Simple interst means your interest accrues daily. It is based on your interest rate, your DAILY balance and how many days there are between payments posting. So if your daily interest is 5.00 a day and you make a payment on Jan 1 and then your next payment is Feb 15, you will pay 46 days of interest For a total of 225.00 going to interest as opposed to 150.00 if the payment was made 30 days apart. Interst always gets paid first and is NEVER part of your balance unless it is a payoff balance. If you make your payments exactly 30 days apart for the life of your loan, you will pay exactly what your contract states. YOU HAVE TO READ THE PARAGRAPH ABOUT YOUR INTEREST. IT REALLY DOES EXPLAIN IT.

  • Ch
      14th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Chase was so horrible that when I lost my job and they offered me one at a high rate of pay I told my wife I would not be able to sleep at night working for a company like that.

    In addition to the many other poor encounters, including the 3 business acounts and two personal accounts we had. I asked for an extension on my auto payments, mind you I had never been late in two years and I asked because I lost my job and was seeking a new one. They denied me said unemployment is not temporary. My wife called back a few days later and asked for the extension on her behalf as the primary and having just started working as a professor at the University. Needless to say it took 5 minutes before the customer rep called her a lier! This was after she provided her work, phone, position etc. When they finished they said they call us back and let us know about the extension, my wife looked at me and said I rather die of hunger then have you work for Chase. Needless to say they didn't ever call us back and then when I called Chase Auto I requested the info they said they didn't have it, I gave them the info along with name and info for my new employment because I now have a job making 10k more then I did previously and their stuborn lazy CHase representatives denied me again and the lady was practically laughing that they would take my car. I have auto loans with a credit union and Ford, both of then granted my request no issue, Chase and Chase Auto are terrible avoid them like the swine flu.

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