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Chase Auto Finance / false charges for car &wear and tear& after lease turn in.

1 14800 Frye RdFt Worth, TX, United States Review updated:

In february I turned in what was my second leased jeep grand cherokee and my fifth leased car. The new car I leased is a ford. Therefore the jeep was turned over to the local jeep dealership to be sent back to chase auto finance.

First problem I had with chase auto finance was that it took them over a month to find my car. I kept getting calls from them saying that I had not turned it in and that I would continue to get charged for it! By the way, I had finished paying off the lease and hadn't had the car since the day I leased my new one (Feb.14 2008). They finally tracked it down (God knows how or why it was such a problem) on march 27, 2008.

Then within a few days of them finding the car I received the letter (Dted march 28, 2008) telling me what I owed for the "wear and tear" on my vehicle. Let me just say, I almost fell over!! This included what was described as the "disposition fee" ($300.00) and the list of damages. I was well aware from the contract of the disposition fee, but I also was aware that there is a $1500.00 deductable for this so called "wear and tear".

Yes, my jeep had a small ding on the back deck door and I believe another ding on the back door driver side. And, I do know that it had a paint scrape on the rear fender. (Which easily can be buffed off). It had a few scratches around the front door handle from continuous use and I honestly I can't think of anything else. But, based on the itemized list I received... I turned in what was equivalant to redd foxx's junk truck!

This list contained a damage charge for literally every section of my car!

Front bumper cover scratched... $160.00
Front hood dent... $256.00
Left door front dings multiple... $ 45.00
Left door rear scratched... $228.00
Left quarter panel scratched... $212.00
Rear bumper cover dent... $236.00
Rear deck lid dent... $244.00
Right door front dings multiple... $ 45.00
Right door front scuffed... $ 20.00
Right door rear scratched... $208.00
Fender rusty... $162.00
Right quarter panel dings multiple $ 45.00
Right quarter panel scuffed... $ 20.00

This totals... $1881.00!!!

Are they kidding me! Look at those repair costs! Charged $212.00 for scratches... That weren't there no less! Notice that there isn't a spot on my car that doesn't have a charge attached to it. If my car was in that bad a shape, I would have taken it for repairs before turning it in. I am the only driver of the car. I don't have a husband, I don't have kids. How much damage can one small woman do???
What I find most interesting though, is that the costs go over the $1500.00 "wear and tear" deductible just enough to bring my charge up to almost $800.00. A nice chunk of change for chase.
I called the 800 number and spoke to a woman who was supposedly a "supervisor" trying to explain that I knew the charges were wrong and that I wanted them to be adjusted. She was very, very very rude... Even raising her voice to me and at one point was going to hang up on me. She told me that if I didn't have photos and/or any other kind of proof then there was nothing that I could do. By the way the only time she wasn't trying to scream over me was when I noted the charges being over the deductible and how convenient it was for chase to appraise in such a way. Then... There was dead silence. Hmmmmm.
So, basically I am screwed out of the equivlent of just under two more monthly lease payments on a car I no longer have.
By the way, I should mention that when I asked back in january about a lease buy-out cost, they were going to charge me $21, 000.00 on a car that I already owned for five years, had paid $25, 000.00 on already and that had a book price of no more than $16, 000.00!
These people are out right crooks!!! Do not lease with them... Ever!

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      4th of May, 2008
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    You screwed yourself, sorry but that’s the truth. If you knew that there were dings, dents and scratches on your car you should have just gotten them fix before you turned in your vehicle, as you so simply stated. If most of those scratches could have been “Buffed Out” you should have buffed it yourself. What did you expect to happen? You can’t be mad for how much someone else charges you for damage that you’ve done yourself, and yes, in 5 years, no matter how small, or clumsy a woman can be, plenty of damage can be done. I’m sure the vehicle was in better condition when you first leased it, then it was after you returned it. You say that you’re on your 5th leased vehicle, so you should know that the buy out for leases barley, if at all, consider the lease payments that you’ve made prior. I don’t understand the logic behind people who lease a vehicle for 5 years; you should have just purchased with a loan and saved your self the hassle, so then after it’s paid off you can sell it or trade it in for another. You shot yourself in the foot with that one. LASTLY—“READ YOUR CONTRACT & ASK THE DEALER QUESTIONS” this goes for you and all you other complainers out there, granted some of your complaint may be valid, hell nobody is perfect, but several of your complaints could have been easily avoided if you read you contract thoroughly, instead of being memorized and drooling over the fact that your getting a new car and you think its really cool, a common American flaw.

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