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Chase Auto Finance / getting the run around and the 3rd degree

1 Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:

Well let me get started by saying I agree with all the other opinions the other people have given, they are the most rude people in the business of car loans or anything else for that matter. I was just on the phone with chase today for about 2 hours, I kept getting put on hold for everything which thats understandable. When a rep finally spoke to me they were telling me the opposite of what another rep said to my wife. we need to get a deferment, my wife and I have fallen into hard times with money and we have allways been ontime making payments every month.
Well this lady named Valirie was telling me I can not have a deferment due me being unemployed but I get unemployment pay each week so I have money to make the bills every month. She gave me the 3rd degree and lectured me like she was my mother or worse actually, really demoralizing me. Thats not their problem if I'm unemployed all that they should just be concerned with getting their payment when I say I can make the payment, she kept telling me I was a low life with everything she was saying in a nut shell, so I hung up. I called back to speak with someone else my call kept getting passed around from person to person, each person I spoke with couldn't help me because they said they don't handle that stuff. So finally I got to someone else who spoke with my wife which he was extremely rude to her telling her to put me on the phone, my wife has all rights to the account so he shouldn't have been so short and rude to her, anyways He started to talk and was pretty much yelling at me about why did I call back when I have spoke with someone allready about the matter, I asked for a supervisor, he straight up said no! and hung up and re- routed my call to Washinton mutual bank. Little later my wife calls and gets a supervisor on the phone, he asked her if she was in employee she said no I'm a customer the guy said sorry I can't help you and hung up right away, his name was Steve. Thats where I'm at with chase the rip off bank.

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  • Sa
      22nd of May, 2009
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    Chase Bank did the same thing to us. They were rude and mean . They did not care that we lost our jobs through no fault of our own . We tried to explain to them that their is no jobs and my payments have always been paid on time . They would not listen . All they are doing is making people declare BK.

  • Ma
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    We are in the same boat. we live in a town of 8000 people and rely on factories to keep us employed. 4 out of 6 of our factories are no longer in operation and i lost my job in july of 2008. I purchased a brand new suv 3 months before i got laid off. Chase financed my car and i thought i was getting a good deal. I had no idea that i was going to lose my job or i wouldnt have gotten a new car. Chase told me that its not their problem that i lost my job and when i asked to speak to a supervisor they told me no that a supervisor cannot help me. Can they really refuse?? We are in good standing with our loan but the lady told me that they will still come get my car even if its one day late. I am not high risk and for them to tell me that really gets under my skin. They have always been rude to us and make us feel like we asked to lose our jobs. They dont care because we are paying for their paychecks. My fiancee even asked one lady if chase bank took the bailout and partied it up with us taxpayers money and she had the nerve to tell us they didnt get a bailout HA!!! Chase bank got billions and billions to help them out (i believe it was 25 billion) and no one can help us out?? we are the ones that payed for that bailout. I love how the government tells us to keep putting back into the economy but even when we scrounge up the money to go out and buy something, we get nothing in return

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