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Chase Auto Finance / unprofessionalism!

1 Arizona, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 602-221-2234

I asked that Cathy Young call me back. She said that she would not that a supervisor would. She said it was noted 2 minutes ago that Sally took the message for a supervisor to call me. She asked for my phone number. I asked her what number she had for me. She said she did not give out phone numbers. I asked if she needed to pull up my account. She said she had my account in front of her. So, just by calling back my number had pulled up my account - how cute!

Bottom line - I have to this point given Chase more credit than they obviously deserve. Pat told me I was making it difficult. Really Pat, who is making it difficult. I simply want to speak to a supervisor in the Collections Department. How difficult can that be? Apparently for Chase pretty damn difficult.

Sincerely, L Couch.

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  • Tr
      9th of Nov, 2007
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    I received a call at my place of employment. I had fallen a couple weeks behind on my car payment due to financial difficulties, but was in the process of setting up my car payment after receiving funds to make my payment. I received a harassment call at my employment. The "customer service" representative told me I had 1 hour to return her phone call to set up my payment. She was completely rude, harassing and threatening to me. I thought she worked in "customer service"? I made good and returned her call within 1 hour and set up my payment. I told her she had no right to harass me at my employment, but she continued to be totally unprofessional and extremely rude and threatening. A lot of people suffer from financial hardships at some point in their life, but do not have to be harassed or threatened by collectors. I am a supervisor myself. I am a director of nurses at a nursing home and employ over 65 employees under myself. If I ever treated my residents or my staff the way I was treated, I would not HAVE A JOB. What gives them the right to treat people that way? She had no BED SIDE MANNER, that's for certain.

    Harrassed in Wisconsin

  • Ro
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    Tricia, you have to think about it what kind of person takes a job where they can treat people the way they do. Someone with more than likely no education who can't do any better and/or someone that likes ego trips. They think when they talk crazy to you they are in control making you feel threatened and it makes them feel better about themselves. It must really SUCK to be them. They need to realize you reap what you sow it might come back on them one day.

  • Ro
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    I had a run in with Chase Auto Finance to the point I would rather walk than have to deal with them again. Times are difficult for most of us right now so we decided to refinance our home and consolidate our bills. During this process our payment to Chase was coming up and our mortgage guy told us not to worry about the up coming payment that we would have them paid off with two weeks. Well, it took two weeks longer than expected. The next thing we know we get these call s from a Chase employee talking crazy telling us they were coming to get the vehicle and so on. We finally got the check to pay them off in the amount they quoted us and they had added another $300 on to the balance. We asked them if they would work with us just so we could pay them off and they adamately refused. Then it went back to the harrassing phone calls. Needless to say, we sent them everything but the $300 and I WILL NEVER do business with anything that has CHASE attached to it.

  • Le
      5th of May, 2008
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    Well busy is busy does, and I'm sure a large company like Chase can get very busy, you should have just left a message, or wrote a letter. That way someone would call you back...eventually...

  • Da
      9th of May, 2008
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    I've worked for Chase and granted there are a lot Sh**heads that work there but you also need to realize the type people that the reps (in Collections especially) have to deal with. More often than not the people who are getting Collection calls dug their own hole and have no intention of paying their bills like responsible "account holders". However, there are people like yourself that have "fallen on hard times" and need a little leeway, if that is the case being an A-Hole to the rep on the phone is not going to help your case any; in fact it will almost always make it worse. This is speaking from personal experience as both an Employee and a Customer of Chase. I worked in the Lease End Department (Auto Finance) at Chase and all the time We had people try to give us B.S. Stories about how the dealer didn't tell them that they had a lease on their vehicle, which is hard to imagine when someone is paying around $350 per month on a $45, 000 car on a 36-month term. If you know anything about Math or Finance you know that this is Mathematically Impossible with traditional financing (Purchase) or without putting $30, 000 down up front (then maybe). The people who collections put up with more B.S. than you could ever possibly imagine and still manage to make about $12 an hour.

    You try it sometime before you villianize these people. I'm not trying to Defend unscrupulous people, but "you shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house".

  • Da
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    I have the unfortunate experience of having Chase as the finance on my car, 2 2007 Aveo. I was talked to so badly that I made the mistake of asking for a supervisor, and the supervisor, a Mr. Vance, spoke to me so badly that I registered a complaint that was posted for all to read on Complaints about Chase Auto Finance, a website dedicated to all of the complaints. Vance told me that with my attitude he wanted what I owed right that minute or he wanted the car back. I have told him, and all the others who call from 7AM to 10PM, that I will pay it on august 29th or 31st, possibly the 28th, but within August. I owe July and August only. It is the first time in 2 years that I have had trouble with my payment, and as of yesterday it all would be paid in 6 more days, and Vance demanded "his" car back. He was still, and litterally screaming into my phone when I just hung up! Everyone in this organization is so unprofessional. Is Chase Auto Finance some kind of government experimental program to see if workers who are only mean-spirited, rude, liars and theives can run a company? If it is, it is a failure. I am amazed at how I was spoken to, and screamed at. Just wanted to warn you about asking for a supervisor; it a Catch 22!

  • La
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    In dealing with any business relationship, it is always beneficial to speak with someone who possesses some kind of business experience. In the case of Chase's "customer service representatives", it is obvious that they have very little, if any business experience at all, and sophistication is a word that is absent from their vocabulary. Jaime Dimon should really take a look at this division and implement new policy in hiring and employee conduct so to guarantee Chase customers a positive experience. I am behind on my auto loan. This was due to the current state of the economy and the massive failure of a large Visa/Mastercard processor. The processor has stopped paying our residuals, therefore, I have been left scrambling to salvage any existing relationships. I have attempted to negotiate the terms of my loan in order to avoid repossession, but how is that possible when I'm left at the mercy of a representative who has no real experience in the business world? Mr. Dimon, its time to step up and regain control. Please help!

  • Fr
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    I agree with Dallas in regards to the fact that customers do not always treat the representatives kindly. I also work in customer service and my employees take a lot of abuse because people are tired, stressed, and angry so they take it out on people that have nothing to do with the problem at hand. But that is where my agreement with you ends. MY experience with Chase employees have totally left me speechless. I don't care how a customer treats you, you are paid by the company to provide good service. If the customer is being abusive, by all means end the conversation. But this never gives you the right as an employee to be rude, disrespectful, or mean. Especially if your customer is trying their best to do what they need to do, and you know that the company is behind, not following through, or letting things fall through the cracks. The employees may want to follow your advice to the customers about not being A-holes cause it only makes the situation worse. That advice goes both ways. Just remember what comes around goes around. The economy will not be like this forever and sooner or later the customers will not be held hostage any longer. It's then that Chase will feel the pain that the rest of us are feeling right now. Our memories are long and we will remember how we were treated when we needed help and it is then that you will see a mass exodus of customers leaving Chase! Will all those rude employees still have a job then?

  • An
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    I had been making all payments on time with my Ford Explorer for about 2 years, but when I ran into some financial trouble, I called Chase to set up some sort of payment plan to pay them back the money I owed them and the guy on the phone yelled at me " You don't call me and dictate to me how you are going to pay your car payments!", and then stated "It isn't my fault that you can't afford your car." I then asked to speak to a supervisor, and the representative refused to put a supervispor on the phone!!! Can he even do that? So I hung up and then called back and the supervisor was even ruder than the first guy I spoke with. Well, we eventually worked out an agreement, only to get a call a week later stating that the person I spoke with wasn't auhtorized to make that agreement with me and if I did'nt have a ridiculus amount of money within 3 days they would reposes my car. So after going back on their word, and then me stating that I would come up with the money, I later in the day get a messege from another Chase rep repeting the same exact conversation that I just had with the previous representative. Apperently they don't communcate. Well I could go on but I think this pretty much explains the professionalismyou get with Chase.

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