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Chase Auto / bad service

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Lee kevin deutsch, vice president & general counsel of chase auto finance legal department, wrote, this letter to my attorney after chase miscalculated my loan by 1000's. Charging me 17k interest and 12k principal over several years. Yes.

Email; lee. K. Deutsch at Tel; [protected], fax; [protected]

Dear mr. _____;

Your fax of july 14, 2008 has been referred to the undersigned to reply. Please note that chase rejects your clients settlement demand as it has already corrected her account, waived its balance and deleted its credit reporting with respect to the account. Your client has already received as much, or more, relief that she is entitled to.

Please further note if your client insists on pursuing time barred or otherwise frivolous claims, they will be vigorously defended.

My attorney sent this for damages; I thought a very fare amount considering chase only creidted me approx. 5k.

Monday, july 14, 2008

Chase auto finance legal dept:


Enclosed for your review are the following:

1. Attorney records from liens filed in orange county courts on your behalf against my client

2. Copy of the & atilde;¢ï¿½ï¿½summary of new termsã¢ï¿½ï¿½ dated 03 oct 29

1. This document shows a new interest rate at 9%apr

2.In inaccurate principal amount of $34, 517.23 i. Principal balance (Per loan summary sheet) should have been represented to the district court at $28, 708.00.

3. Itemized accounting of all payments made by my client from the date a reaffirmation. This document shows that a total payment of $29, 719.99 tendered by my client, which chase illegally applied $17, 939.99 toward interest during this period.

4. A letter that my client typed and intends to forward to the named recipients.

5. Finally, a harassment list my client also typed and requested that I send directly to you.

Please review these documents. It is our initial legal position that chase is liable for: negligence, misrepresentation, unfair and deceptive business, fraud, misrepresentation, and caused my client severe emotional distress. We also intend to pursue relief in any manner applicable under federal truth in lending laws and california consumer protection act. If this matter is not resolved in a timely manner, we intend to request punitive damages and legal fees, as applicable under california law.

My client formally requests a settlement in the amount of $30, 000.00.

It is apparent and clear that on october 29, 2003 chase auto finance agreed to terms of the new agreement with the bankruptcy court, see: in and for the central district of californiaã¢ï¿½ï¿½santa ana reaffirmation agreement. The terms of this agreement contractually obligate chase and my client to a simple interest loan calculated at 9% interest. As per this agreement, my client performed consecutive payments at $859.00 per month. However, chase auto finance misapplied all payments to interest.In three years, chase applied over $17, 000 in interest and merely $11, 780 toward principal. This action is clearly in violation of the contract.

During this period, my client made several (Over 70 phone calls) attempts to determine the cause for her inability to sell the vehicle for more than her miscalculated principal.

In addition, my client faced the humiliation of a wrongful repossession for amounts that she did not owe. Because of the miscalculated interest and principal, my client was forced to pay late charged, repossession charges, and borrow money from friends and family to rectify the situation caused by the negligent miscalculations. Chase auto finance places blame on a system error or glitch. However, this is unacceptable.

In the event that this matter is not resolved, my client will seek all avenues available to expose this event to national media source, all consumer advocate resources, and file a complaint in the orange county district court.

On behalf of my client, I formally request that chase auto finance review this manner and respond within (3) three business days.


Attorney at law

I don't know - for miscalculation of my loan by 1000's of dollars, in which I made 70 calls to correct, over several years... I thought 30k was very honest amount to go for.

Chase "the right relation means nothing to us"

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  • Me
      26th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes
    Chase Auto - They suck!
    Chase Auto
    United States

    Terrible company. Very rude customer service... Was late on car payment due to hardship situation... They called every day about 7 times a day...

  • An
      20th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    You probably had a subprime loan because of your bad credit...Chase takes these types of loans very seriously. I bet you didn't thank Chase when they bought your horrible credit loan. If you were having financial hardship, your first move should have been to contact Chase yourself and work out payment arrangements. Once the collections dept is involved, they are going to do whatever they need to do to collect that payment or repo the car. It's your obligation to pay it. That's why you signed a contract, DUH! Cars aren't free, they are suppose to be paid for! If you can't afford it, voluntarily have it reposessed...end of story.

  • Sc
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes
    Chase Auto - very rude people
    chase auto
    United States

    I was late on my car payment 30 days and judy called me at work i told she would the payment my next she told that she is comming for the car she asked me why have i been late i told her since i bought the car it has been in the shop once a month she said that is not her problem and then told me she would call my boss and tell him what a loser i am and then hung up the phone on me i tryed calling her back but she would not return my phone calls. and now the repo. company is calling my work they are very nice people there they just told me call chase to make a payment but they will not return my calls.thank you

  • Tc
      14th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sorry to hear about this...Chase is the worst offender of all the banks.

  • Bo
      18th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes
    Chase Auto - Customer Service
    Chase Auto Financing
    United States

    By far the worst customer service in the history of customer services. Good luck trying to get anyone who can speak clear English. For an issue that could have and should have taken all but 20 minutes, took over 2 weeks. Good luck getting a supervisor to call you back, good luck getting directed to the same person you spoke with before who actually knows your claim. Extremely rude. They not only lied to me but actually gave false names of supervisors when their own local Chase representitive called on our behalf. The CSR would give a name, the local Chase Rep would look them up in the system and believe it or not, they didn't exist. It was a fake name. I spoke to 7 different CSR's over the two week span. The issue was never resolved with the customer service hotline. If it wasn't for the local Chase Rep and the 3rd party involved who quite frankly didn't care what Chase said or did, they would help rectify the situation without involving Chase or even following Chase's on policies/contract with them. The 3rd party also complained about the impoliteness of the CSR's at Chase. Adivce... Stay away from Chase by all means.

  • Ch
      29th of May, 2011
    0 Votes
    Chase Auto - Calling family not on Loan
    Chase Bank
    United States

    Some one who says they are from Chase auto has been calling family members saying they were references on my loan. Yes I am have problems with Chase as they say I did not make this months payment but the bank says they took the funds so they are investigating what is going on but why contact my family at all?

  • Do
      13th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes
    Chase Auto - Bad Business Practices
    United States

    i have a box wired under my dash . and the red lights blinking . my truck started and ran fine friday, sunday i try to start it and it just cranks like no fuel, , can chase do this??

  • Do
      13th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    chase hasent taken the payment out of my account and have been rude and nasty with phone calls, i have a box wired to the truck which i think they had my truck pinged . all it did this morning was crank, wont start, is this possable or do i have a fuel pump problem????

  • Be
      2nd of Feb, 2013
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    Chase Auto - Bad Business Practices
    United States

    We walked foolishly into this transaction with Chase out of desperation of needing a car. We were not coaxed nor talked into it. We were persuaded by the cost of replacing the transmission in the vehicle we had. We should never have made this decision as quickly as we did. Our fault, end of that chapter.
    I will also not blame Chase for the financial bind we put ourselves into, however I do feel they take advantage of people with the type of loans they make and the interest they charge. But again, if we had not been so desperate, thinking this was our only option, we wouldn’t have signed the papers and I would not be writing this letter. Our fault again for not paying enough attention.
    Where I do find fault with Chase is in the way they do business. But, I guess this is the way corporations do business these days. As long as companies like Chase can distance themselves from the individual customer, they can be uncaring and cold in their practices. I am not asking for special treatment, don’t get me wrong. I have a responsibility and I want to own up to it, but look at me as an individual. Look at my past performance, understand that I may have a problem and run into a hiccup in my finances. Oh, when the customer service rep is on the phone with you, you are made to feel like you are so very important and they have strong desire to help you. What one does not realize in that moment, that the main goal is to sugar coat the fact that while they are “helping” you, they are only thinking to get through this phone call and on to the next dead beat that does not pay their bills on time. In “helping” they suggest various sorts of ways, down to borrowing money from your neighbor. The ultimate “let us help you” I got last year was to defer two months payments. “This way we avoid annoying phone calls and you can get caught up and start fresh in two months.” Great, thank you --- for nothing.
    January roles around and the process of trying to purchase a home begins. Yet another assembly of flaming hoops to jump through, but that is another story. Chase has reported not the two actual (which I am not proud of) months past 30 days, but rather four consecutive months. I was told that Chase only shows two when I called three times in one week. When I called the fourth time, the following week, I finally reached someone who walked through the payment history with me. – after being told by the three previous employees they can’t see the history, only that two payments had been late. Hmmm…..lazy or just untrained? As we walked through the history, yes, two payments, May and July were late. And yes, there is reason, which I explained each and every time to every person I talked to at Chase in those months which I was desperately trying to keep our finances afloat, not that they bother to make note of that, it’s better to have the customer repeat over and over the struggle. I digress. Ms. Corrales explains to me that she will personally take care of this error in reporting to the credit bureaus (which I might add were not all reporting the same information) and request that it is corrected and that I would also receive a letter that I could give to the lender for the mortgage.
    I waited patiently for two weeks to get said letter. When I got it, it was a form letter that indicated after researching the account, what was reported was indeed accurate and therefore no changes would be made in to the credit bureaus. Nicely played Chase, nicely played.
    Upon speaking with an overly cheery Rosie Something-or-Other, who made me feel like the Steve Martin character from Planes, Trains and Automobiles, you know the scene, and being on hold for over 5 minutes, came back to unnecessarily go over the history with me three more times, then tells me she needs to research this info and I could either hold a few more minutes or she could call me back. I told her I would call Ms. Corrales, which I did. Who also put me on hold for about 9 minutes only to return and offer the same deal Rosie had. At that point, I informed her that no, I needed to pick up a kid from school then my husband from work, why? because two weeks ago, we were in a four car collision resulting in his car being totaled and we are now down to one car – and yes, I interjected with how badly I wished it had been the Malibu – call me back. Which she did, leaving a message with the term “rolling delinquencies”, meaning we are basically screwed because Chase has determined that while May was late, it is not reported as such, June was late but not past 30 days, but because May was past 30 days, June had (yes, ‘had’) to be reported as delinquent. Because July and August were paid in a double payment, August not being 30 days late, they both ‘had’ to be reported as delinquent. September, which was deferred (and they try to tell me every time that only October was deferred until I insist they check the record and only then do they see that it was September and October both) for some asinine reason, is also reported delinquent. No payment was due, but it is “accurately” reported delinquent. Ms. Corrales did seem genuinely sorry that she had misinformed me about correcting the error two weeks ago, but there was nothing she could do for me further. She told me it does not make sense to her either and that it took quite a bit of explaining for her to understand what “rolling delinquencies” meant, which she was unable to restate other than to repeat how it was reported, not why it was reported this way. Somehow, that all seems “fair and accurate” to Chase and I’m guessing to the credit bureaus as well.
    So, thank you Chase for your cold and uncaring attitude toward your customers. I know I am not alone, as I publicly announce my intense loathing of your company; I am comforted in a rather twisted way to know others are treated as poorly as I have been. I am one person, but I will use my voice. Anywhere and everywhere I can get the word out as to your horrible business nature I will.

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