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Changi Airport Group / rude service at the wizarding world redemption booth

1 Singapore

On 16 December 2018, I came to Changi Airport, with the intention of partaking in the giveaway as part of the Wizarding World exhibits going on at Changi Airport. I had taken part in the giveaway a few times before the aforementioned date, and thus was under the impression that the rules of the giveaway had not changed. Previously, we were allowed to take part in the giveaway without the requirement of having our faces in the photographs of the various exhibuta posted on social media, as part of the three steps we needed to complete in order to take part in the giveaway. My daughter and husband had went for the redemption before I did, at around 1.40 pm pm and the male employee who attended to them allowed them to take part in the redemption when they posted photographs that did not include their faces in it.

At around 1.45 pm, when I went for the redemption, a female employee attended to me. She told me curtly that I would not be allowed to partake in the giveaway because the photographs I had posted did not include my face. I was confused, as I was not aware of such a rule. I informed her, politely, that I had taken part in the redemption before, and I was not informed of such a rule. In return, she told me it was a new rule and pointed, rather insolently, to a piece of paper with the new rules on it. She then told me rudely that three photographs with my face was needed when I asked if one was enough. I feel the need to point out that she let the man before me take part in the redemption even though he had only one photograph with him in it, a selfie he had taken at the redemption booth.

Though thoroughly irritated, I went to take new photographs, this time with myself in it. When I went back to the booth a second time, there was a young man and a young woman in front of me. Both appeared to be friends of the male and female employees, as they were chatting without a care in the world, as though there were no one else to attend to. The young man had swiped the tablet, and upon realizing that it was a souvenir that he had previously obtained, he lightly pleaded to go again. The female employee then allowed him to swipe again, in spite of the fact that this is not allowed, as an employee had informed me when I came previously. It was only upon noticing my presence that the male employee told his friends that such an act was not allowed.

The blatant disregard for rules when it came to her friends, and the discourteous and audacious tone she employed when attending to me not only showed the incompetence of the female employee, but also her inability to separate church from state. Changi Airport is a world class airport with numerous awards. I had expected the service to the be world class. Clearly, I was proven wrong thoroughly.

Dec 16, 2018

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