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T Apr 03, 2018 Review updated:

Good morning,
My name is Thierry Delongvert and I am from Australia.
I travel often to Asia and often stop over and transit in Singapore airport.

I like to report an incident that happened to me on the 19-03-2018 at the food outlet #02-K19 at 09:59 AM.
I was ordering some food at the shop to the attendant by the name of "Marc" I believe.
I was explaining what I wanted but he could not get what I wanted so I had to explained a couple of times and then at the end he lost his temper and been a Filipino he insult me in his language. He told me :"Putang inamo"
which mean :"mother [censor]er".
I am not happy about this low standard attitude.
This is not up to Singapore etiquette.
Very bad representation for Singapore high reputation around the world.
I hope you can take appropriate mesures towards this arogant individual who lowers the image of Singapore by his arrogant attitude towards customers.

I also notice this time that there is a high number of Filipino workers there with an attitude less than appropriate for Singapore high standard...


Thierry Delongvert

take away food shop
take away food shop
take away food shop


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