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Sep 11, 2018

Changi Airport Group — food poisoning

Dear Sir/Madam I am working at Changi Airport terminal 3, Shilla Duty Free shop. I recently had food...

Changi Airport Groupterminal 2 arrival / lost and found counter

15th August 2018 / 1am
I wasn't able to claim my cabin luggage on the baggage belt 35 at terminal 2 thinking that it was taken wrongly by the other passenger so I've waited for an hour without any sign of help from the staff there. I reported it in the lost and found counter. The lady staff never showed any sign of help. She told me to wait for their call within 24 hours and that's all. I called so may times today and said that they cannot do anything until the person returns it and wait for their call not knowing that it was just in the unclaimed baggage area when i called again. If i didn't call, how would I know?. NO SIGN OF URGENCY.! How can the staff put in the unclaimed baggage area when i was still there waiting???!!! Now I need to go there, waste money for the fare to collect my luggage that was not even my fault in the first place!! They didn't make efforts to atleast find it first. DISSAPOINTED. What a service.

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    Changi Airport Grouprude and arrogant airport t4 security officer mr roslan

    During airport check in on 30th July, 2+pm, Mr Roslan, the airport security officer stopped my bag at the X-ray scanner. His attitude was rude; firstly my bag after came out from the scanner was very near to him and out of reach from my side; when I requested him to help bring my bag nearer so that I could reach, he reluctantly did so. His suspect was my empty flask; but upon finding that my flask was empty, he was unsatisfied and continue to check my toiletries one by one with arrogant attitude, purposely check in slow motion and even hold each item high and making fun with smile on his face saying this one is ok... but that one is not...
    After a while, he kept away 2 of my toiletries, saying that the bottles were "oversized" - my reasoning to him was that the content in both bottles were less than 100ml and obviously both bottles were used before and could be seen from the appearance that the bottle already used until dented and they were light in weight; and for what reason was he keeping away the bottles. Without further check on the content, he just kept saying that the bottles were oversized. Subsequently, I asked his reporting in charge about to the guideline of the 100ml and his reporting upon trying to defend Mr Roslan said that the guideline is referring to the bottle size not the 100ml - I was shocked to hear this; how can a world class airport has such a "foolish" inspection procedure - where all the while people are talking about the content of 100ml regardless of bottle size; how can airport security responded that they only looked at the bottle size and not the content where the content was obviously less than 100ml? I was very upset with both Mr Roslan and his reporting. While we are leaving, Mr Roslan was smiling arrogantly - I believe the CCTV should be able to capture his attitude and face expression. I was very upset that we have such security officer and felt shameful as a Singaporean; we claim our airport to be first class and yet having such poor attitude in the security officer that we are engaging in the service.

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      Aug 07, 2018

      Changi Airport Group — customer service

      Officer In-charge Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Dear Ma'am/ Sir, Greetings of peace! This letter...

      Changi Airport GroupI changi shop terminal 1

      Hai. Yesterday July 30 around 5pm i went to iShop changi counter to check regarding my changi reward application on the phone is not working well. It has been forever since this couldn't be fix through my phone apps. Hard for me to redeem my points via apps. This one customer service girl in the counter seems not interested to serves me and at one point ignoring me cause she might taught its a simple issue. I get really annoyed with her until i say "hellooo anyone" until this one guy approached me. The issue here is the attitude that she gave me very unacceptable. Just if she did the same attitude to other customer. Just saying. Towards the end of the day, my problem still cannot be fixed and i need to drop my issue to the customer service site through internet.

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        Changi Airport Groupimmigration

        I have lived in Singapore close to 20 years now and have never had an issue with the airport or it's staff. However the attitude of one immigration officer was very concerning. What was concerning was he picked specifically on us due to some personal biases (I suspect our nationality had something to do with it, we are PRs and officer was actually from the same ethnic background as us).

        He was very pleasant to people who went in before and after us (different nationalities of course) and I could see them smiling and laughing. We did absolutely nothing to provoke him and kept quiet when he was outright rude to us so as to not create a scene. Airport immigration really needs to train their immigration officers to not bring their personal biases to work!

        He was rude in everything he said right - the tone he used to ask us to move left/right, saying "you need to submit your passports together, are you coming in together or not" (I went in with my kid). He didn't say whose thumb print he wanted to scan (normally office say who's passport they are checking) and when I asked him he says "who's photo is displayed there". It's not my job to know the immigration process inside out and when I'm asking politely, his job is to explain (and not talk in a condescending tone). Really disgusted to know such people exist.

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          Jul 16, 2018

          Changi Airport Group — security check

          It is my standard procedure. I scan all my carry on at the x-ray machine before i go through immigration...

          Changi Airport Groupitacho sushi @ t3 departure hall

          Hi recently went to itacho sushi and i was not impress with their service at all. Maybe because im a staff i guess? They got my orders wrong at first because the wrong items was delivered to my table and when i double check my slip, they missed out another item too. And the thing was that none of them are being apologetic at all. They simply just walked away after updating the orders. Im a retail service staff at the airport too and i dont think thats service to me at all. Im not the type to actually write a complain but i was really left unimpress by this.

          itacho sushi @ t3 departure hall

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            Changi Airport Groupdriver

            Unfriendly driver. No manner and very rude. I took this taxi 7 seater from changi airport terminal 2 and the driver is chinese driver.The way he spoke to ask the location is very damn rude. Next trip I won't take this driver vehicle n hope will not get this driver again. Please kindly advised the driver to take up customer service course how to talk to passenger in proper manners.


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              May 20, 2018

              Changi Airport Group — certis cisco guard at t3 gate 2 departure

              1) On 20 May 2018, around 9:25pm, I was dropping off my passenger at T3, gate 2 departure hall. 2) As my...

              Changi Airport Grouptaxi service

              I took a taxi from Singapore Changi Airport, terminal 2 on 15/5/2018 (there is attached taxi receipt) to Woodlands Drive 14. The total trip cost me S$40.90 for one hour and 10 minutes! This is so ridiculous!!! Although there is some road condition, but the fast lane is running smooth. The taxi driver refuse to use the fast lane until we finally lost our patient and argue with him to take the fast lane.

              It has been a tiring flight yet we met such a circumstances. This is not the first time i met such a taxi driver. I am trying to report here is wish your side can really look into it! This totally a shame to Singapore and will bring such a bad impression to the tourist! Not i dont want to pay the money, but yet, time consuming plus high fare is totally unfair to the consumer!! I wish i can get the exceed charges back.

              Much appreciated if you can further investigate the case.

              Thank you!!

              taxi service

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                Changi Airport Groupwifi

                Singapore Wake - Up.always transit at this airport. The wifi sucks. U guys are so stingy with your wifi...that as a guest we gotta to walk to information counter to get password and that's a long walk. The excuse is security reasons. RIDICULOUS
                In Malaysia airport...wifi is available everywhere. This is international standard.
                Singapore u gotta buck up

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                  Apr 07, 2018

                  Changi Airport Group — airport service

                  I'd like make a complaint regarding bad service that experience by my parents. My dad who 75 yrs old and had...

                  Apr 03, 2018

                  Changi Airport Group — take away food shop

                  Good morning, My name is Thierry Delongvert and I am from Australia. I travel often to Asia and often stop...

                  Changi Airport Groupairport bus

                  I was flying with Lion Air from Jakarta (CKG) to Changi airport, flight JT156, on 1 Mar 2018.
                  When the plane touched down at Changi, we're transported to the terminal by bus.
                  There were two buses waiting for us when we got off the plane. I happened to be on the 2nd bus.
                  I had 1 suitcase that i checked in, but I didn't have any hand carry bags, therefore when we arrived at the terminal, I was the first from the 2nd bus to arrive at the belt (i passed the immigration real quick because I'm a Singapore citizen).
                  But to my horror, I noticed that the flight (JT156) was not on the board.

                  I went to one of the staffs, informed him that the flight was not on the board and asked if he knows which belt was for JT156 .
                  He suspected that we arrived at the wrong terminal (we're at Terminal 2).

                  One Lion Air's staff came shortly, he was on the phone. Based on the conversation on the phone it was evident that the staff was correct: that I (and the everyone on the 2nd bus) were taken to the wrong terminal.
                  It appeared that the 1st bus arrived at the right place (Terminal 3).

                  Instead of arranging for us to be transported to the right terminal, the Lion Air's staff suggested that we hurried to Terminal 3.
                  I had somewhere else to be that evening, so I (along with 2 other men) sprinted to Terminal 3.

                  When we got there, we went to the staff in the baggage carousel who advised that we went to go to Information.
                  There's only 1 person at the Information, we're queuing, anxious because unattended suitcases could be stolen, and also I had another appointment in the evening.
                  Another staff came and helped out, but she didn't seem to care about the situation. Slowly she took some forms, asked for our passport, and slowly filled in the details. I was very close to ask her if i could have one of the forms and filled in my details myself!
                  The other staff joined her and helped all of us from bus 2. They still didn't seem to care about the situation. Perfect ingredients for a great customer service.

                  She then handed us the form, i immediately marched to the staffs in the baggage carousel area, handed them the form, along with my passport and boarding pass to prove that i was indeed on JT156 flight.
                  The staff accepted the form, and slowly they scanned us one by one, before letting us get to the belt and grab our bags.

                  From this experience, there's one obvious thing that went wrong, which is the bus arriving at the wrong terminal. But there are things that could have been done better, as the amount of time was wasted which was staggering.
                  1. Failure to arrange a transportation from the wrong terminal to the right terminal.
                  2. Misleading information, we could have been told to go straight to the Information, but no, we're told to go to the staff. Which we did, only to be told that we should go to the Information counter. This is an unnecessary waste of time.
                  3. Non existent professionalism, when the staff at the Information filled in the form in slow motion. Again, this is an unnecessary waste of time.
                  The staff at the baggage carousel was smirking when one of us asked where to send the complain to.

                  I used to be very proud of both Singapore's customer service and Changi Airport, but in this experience, the level of service was very disappointing.
                  It's far below the level of service I experience abroad.

                  Imagine if there's a medical emergency, or family related matter, the time wasted could have a more catastrophic impact.

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                    Changi Airport GroupI am complaining about the security staff at t1 d48

                    I am Ms Leow. I wish to complaining about the security staff at T1 D48. A old woman which is security staff, when checking my luggage and found got one water bottle. Therefore, she was aasked me to throw the water bottle. After she throw it, another Indian staff was told me I can just empty the bottle and go refill water later. But the old woman security staff din ask me should I empty the bottle and straight away throw my water bottle to the dustbin. Is it her responsibility as a security staff?? Low mannes staff I never met before.

                    I am complaining about the security staff at t1 d48

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                      Feb 12, 2018

                      Changi Airport Group — unethical behaviour of lion air check in staff

                      Hello Lion Air team and Changi Airport Services I am extremely disappointed and disgusted about the...

                      Changi Airport Groupcag affecting food court business on weekends

                      I am a tenant from T4 foodcourt and was asked by NTUC Foodfare to prepare more food to cater to more crowd on the first 2 weekends of the opening of T4.

                      I went to T4 today at 12 pm and 4pm on 11 nov 2017 and realised that there weren't a crowd and most of the stalls were freed from Queue. In my surprised, CAG had put up a sign to stop people from coming to T4 (as attached).

                      It is disappointing that CAG has demanded tenants in T4 to open from 5am to 11pm; asking us to prepare additional food yet stopping crowd from coming in. This initiative has caused a lot of food wastage in which NEA together with Singapore government has been trying to encourage foodcourt from minimising food wastage (

                      I understand that CAG is trying to pre-warn visitors from overcrowding, however if this is the decision, CAG should have an estimated allow visitors into T4 and not encourage food tenants from increasing food quantity.

                      It is difficult to co-operate with CAG if Your organisation does not care about the tenants in your premise.

                      I hope my feedback and improve your Organization to think more thoroughly,

                      cag affecting food court business on weekends

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                        Changi Airport Groupcargo theft!!!

                        What I'm going to say is how "dirty" the Changi airport staff who transport those luggage. When I arrived in Malaysia and checked my belongings, I found out that I was missing something. The zippered bag was opened and things have dropped and scattered around . This is not the first time, very disappointed with the airport staff management, hired such a "dirty" staffs.

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                          Changi Airport — duty free

                          I bought my Ted Baker Cream, Perfume and Body wash from Duty Free in Dubai. I transited through Singapore...

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