Changi Airportlost items while on the left baggage

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I left 4 luggages on nov 25th morning after my flight from tokyo arrived at 1am.

Then the same day, I flew to jakarta and thought that everything is ok as usual.

The next day when I open my luggages, I found out that 15 items-perfumes individually wrapped, digital camera and cell phones were missing. Everything was inside the luggages that was stored on the very top at the left luggage.

I called the left baggage and they said that nobody touched the bags since I stored them in. That was their words, but nobody could comfirmed that.

I called the airport police, and they wanted me to report an epc-electronic police complaints which I did. And after 2 days hearing nothing from them, I called them up. The investigator who handle my case told me to not put my hopes on high regading the items. Which is not the news I want to hear after 2 days thinking somebody is going to help me here.

I called the airport lost and found and they could not find the items as well.

Last thing, just be careful. Because what you see is not what you get. When everything is ok, people in singapore are ok. But when something is wrong, they just don't care...

I always thought that singapore is a lot better that any other place in asia, but not until now. It is just the same place than in any other place in asia.

They just don't care...

So, be careful, be safe, and be grateful with what you have!

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  • Ke
      Nov 30, 2008

    Did you have a problem with your caps lock ?

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  • Fi
      Nov 26, 2009

    There are so many complains about Terminal 1 at Changi Airport . You are not the only one. Accidents (on ground) happen there too due to their staff negligence and the staff just doesn't care. Even their duty manager is useless. I hope the press will investigate on the drop in service level at T1 and make it a headline news so that the relevant airport authority will take measures to buck up.

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  • Zi
      Aug 20, 2018
    Changi Airport Group - the certis cisco staff at changi airport t3 pass office

    we inside the pass office around 10min no body was coming out we are in hurry after that your staff just wake up&come out from the back door is this how u guy working !

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  • Sa
      Sep 01, 2018
    Changi Airport Group - illegal work being done by the staff security person
    geylang bahru

    A worker named logeswari krishnan of middle age working in the security section and her contact details are +[protected] is paying small young guys from India for sexual pleasure, have been illegally sexually asaulting young guys and pay them wholesome amount, such kind of deadly works are done in changi Airport, please take action immediately.

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  • El
      Sep 10, 2018
    Changi Airport Group - congestion

    It seems like a norm that changi airport become so congested that flights have to taking hold position or delay from departing countries. Expanding ground terminals but not able to handle increasing number of flights. Is this a problem that we will encounter more in the future?

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  • Ca
      Oct 22, 2018
    Changi Airport Group - public nuisance indian guy

    I was at changi airport at around 5-6pm on 3 July for dining .i saw a Indian guy was drunk, splitting on flour, speak vulgar words, throwing things on ground. And I saw him few times drunk.
    I think is really totally affect the image of the world class changi airport. Hope the airport management can do take some necessary action.

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