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Champion Windows / Misinformed people!

Fort w, IN, United States Review updated:
I had champion install windows in my 50 year old rental unit. They did a great job! The windows have saved my renters at least 50 percent in there gas and electric bills. And there service is top notch! They repair any problems quickly! I have been reading these complaints about sales practices... Doesn't it make sense that after the salesman spends an hour or two teaching you about windows and the differences in products, companies, and warranties...that he has earned the right to ask you for your business? How many other window companies spend more than 30 minutes in your home?How many say more than heres your price! They are the largest home improvement company in the country... do you think they got there by not standing behind there products?

I have read complaints from people that describe problems on there windows and the parts they are describing aren't even on a champion window... how can you trust anything you see on the net... I would leave my decisions to fact... ask the rep from champion to see the last 5 people they installed windows for and call them to see how their experiences were. A lot of misinformation here! Thanks for the great job champion and I will continue to recommend you to all my friends family and coworkers.


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  5th of May, 2008
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There is one huge flaw in your suggestion: companies do NOT give out UNhappy or DISGRUNTLED customers names, now do they? Hearing complaints is a very valid way to sort through companies, no matter what they are saying.

One example: If a company offers up discounts / rebates and then you have to 'deal with customer service' for months, why go with them? Go for the company that gives you the lower price immediately.

Wonderful for YOU that things 'appear' to have gone smoothly, but for me and others, we appreciate the hassles that others take the time to write about. Some people may complain unfairly, or have a problem and when it is taken care of, forget to update their situation, but then - consumers beware, correct? It IS up to the prospective buyer to make sure their money is well spent. Everyone needs to make a profit, but NO one likes to be taken.

I don't know anyone who has used the windows personally. Family and friends have gotten estimates, but then gone elsewhere because of price. Some times, some companies price themselves out of a sale, and that's due to greed, not necessarily quality appropriate pricing. Anyone who does research can figure out the difference themselves.

So far, Champion has given me 2 quotes and they are both outrageous. So they won't be given MY hard earned money.
  20th of Jun, 2008
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Why if you thought so badly of CHAMPION WINDOWS did you decide to get TWO quotes. It sounds to me as if you liked the product but did not want to make the investment. I also have CHAMPION WINDOWS in my home and they have saved me a ton of money over the past 15 years. The two times that I needed Warrenty service they stood behind their product and came out at no charge to replace my broken piece of glass. I have nothing but the kindest of things to say about CHAMPION WINDOWS.
  22nd of Aug, 2008
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We have just been informed by Champion that after two years we have to pay a $65.00 service charge for them to come out and look at the wholes that are forming in our siding, we had a whole house window and siding job done which was a substantial amount of money, this is how they stand behind there product?
  29th of Aug, 2008
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An update, Champion is waiving this fee (one time) and they are coming out next week to survey the bad siding.
  18th of Oct, 2008
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I agree with Mike Jensen! Sounds like they wanted the product but were too cheap to pay for them. Champion products are definitely worth the money. Some people can't afford to buy the best so they make up complaints about the company to get back at them. If Champion put windows in over rotten wood it is probably because the customer was too cheap to pay to get it fixed and instructed the installer to go ahead. Champion is heads way above the rest in service, product, and warranty. BAR NONE!!
  2nd of Nov, 2008
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my champion windows breake down often, they cost me $50 everytime they come to service them,
  16th of Mar, 2009
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I spent $26, 000 on a Champion patio room. The floor isn't level, none of the doors or windows are square. They've been back 4 times so far because of a leaking roof. 4 of the screens were installed with rips in them (they did fix them). When the wind blows, it sounds like banshees are howling right outside the room. I complained so loud and so long that a guy flew in from Ohio. I informed him that getting a Champion patio room was the biggest mistake of my life, and I begged him to take it down and haul it away. Needless to say, I'm still a Champion customer. I wholeheartedly recommend the competition.
  6th of Apr, 2009
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It is amazing to me how people will write on the internet and pretend to be someone else. What better way would the competitors of Champion have to hurt the reputation of a strong competitor. No company is perfect but Champion would not have remained in business for over 50 years by doing the things that are being said by "customers". If anybody is truely having a problem with thier local Champion office all they need to do is call the corporate headquarters in Cinncinati. If you are looking for the cheapest windows then by all means dont bother with a real company like Champion. There are plenty of cheap window companies to sell you what you really want and then you can come on here and complain about them. Should you want a quality product at a reasonable price then give champion a call.
  14th of Apr, 2009
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I've been in this industry selling home improvement products for the last 20 years and worked for several companies coast to coast. After managing companies for the last 12 years of my career, I can reassure everyone reading this posts that Champion by far exceeds any expectations of every consumer not only by offering a superior product and professional installation but also with absolute assistance in case of service is needed, with well over 300 millions in yearly sales and several hundred of thousands satisfied consumers nationwide, it will be there for you for the good but also for the bad times when the service is needed when others for the most part will turn their back on you. Champion will always answer the phone when you call for anything, this company is truly honest and 100% oriented towards client satisfaction. It would be hard to believe to be in business for almost 6 decades (60 years) unless you were doing things right, according to statistics 50% of home improvement companies go out of business within one year and 96% within five years check the yellow pages book and you will be the judge of that. To all of you looking to improve the quality of your home and want a no pressure estimate please call Champion Windows Co. and get ready to experience integrity honesty and fair treatment and that's a promess!! Thank you
  30th of May, 2009
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Why would anyone satisfied with Champion be looking on a complaint site? Scam alert! Could this be a Champion employee? I think so! If you have had a negative experience with Champion I would like to hear from you.
  13th of Aug, 2009
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Hummm Champion Employee? LOL...I Am and proudly...I have worked for several competitors and have actually been send to school on how to make internet blogs and how to recruit installers and then cut there pay but only to make them think it was better. Now i am on the front line and working for Champion ...who i've seen fire anyone who misrepresents the company of who misleads a customer. ...Please read all this with a gain of salt and just go the your local showroom and keep a clear mind and judge for your self ...fair enough?
  25th of Aug, 2009
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Ronald Spree of Champion Windows of Wichita misrepresented the company every chance he got when he sold me a $26, 000 patio room, and he still works for them. So don't try to tell me that bologna is prime rib
  26th of Aug, 2009
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Funny that Champion has its employee monitor posting on this web site about complants. "Tried of carp", "Job" and others have numerious posting within this site acting as satisfied Champion customers when they are employees of Champion. They have attack postings with negitive complaints on Champion. Champion is just a low class used car sales act if you ask me. They start out with a real high retail price and then see how low they have to go to sell its products for the most the profits they can suck out of its customers. A 40 -50 percent discount off of a JACK-UP price is still a overpriced product. A class act would just ask a fair market value price and not disrespect its customers...fair enough? Isn't that just is a Champion sales trial close? They also teach WIIFM > (Whats in it for me) don't they? It is all just a designed sales process to trick its customer into paying way too much more for its standard quility products. Doesn't Champion use Cardnal glass anyways? Buyers just manage your risks by getting other bids for your projects.
  26th of Aug, 2009
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If you are looking for the cheapest windows then by all means dont bother with a real company like Champion. There are plenty of cheap window companies to sell you what you really want and then you can come on here and complain about them. Should you want a quality product at a reasonable price then give champion a call.

Hummmm Scott you are so correct when you say "don't bother" with Champion. What do you call resaonable price? Maybe a 200%- 300% mark-up is fair in your book. Then I got some ocean front property in AZ if you think that is reasonible...lol...

Champions whole selling model is so flawed. It is really is just like a USED CAR sales lot if you ask me. Champion will not disclose any of its product pricing upfront. That should send a big red flag up of things to come with Champion.

Champion will to send out ole Slick Willy the saleman and his going to try to get within your front doors and warn up with you to become your long lost friend. Then Silk is going to start asking quistions to try to get a handle of scope of your project as he should. Then ole Slick is going to tell you everything little thing about Champion and put on a great dog and pony show about his products. He is trying to get his customers emotionally involved with his sales presentation and make you want to own his products. Then when ole Slick thinks his got you licking out of the plums of his hands then he is going to configure his highly inflated retail (book) price then his going to present that to you. Then he is going to just shut up and not say a thing and watch your reactions when you see his first offering. You want what or what? The first offer should just rock you to your inner core. Then ole Slick is going to try to peel his valued customers back off of your ceilings by showing you ways you can afford his products and service. He might even offer you some huge discounts of say 30-50% if needed TO TRY TO CLOSE THE DEAL right now. These ole sales tactic are designed to bring the customers back and hopefully just mee somewhere in the middle of the road or what Scott would call a reasonible price... Even an 50% percent discount of a way JACKED-UP price is still just some JACKED up carp. That ole "tin men " sales style went out way back in the 80's . Champion just needs to quit playing those ole worn out sales games with its customers and then they might get some respect. Until then Champion is just going to have a low class used car sales apperance at best. Champion should just be upfront and just ask for a fair market value price for its products and service instead of disrespecting its so called "valued customers" with an attempt to suck every last drop of money out of them. Champion does not have the clean hands like some of its brain washed employees think. Just pass up on the ole slick willy dog and pony show and don't let him come into your home or you might just be the next sucker that pays to much.

Its just more of the same within a Champion a showroom purchase. Just ask a saleman how much one of your windows cost and watch them dance all around it.

Tell me why does Champion employees have a need to monitor the posting on a complant web site anyway? Is it because your trying to defind these low class actions of Champion? Good luck with that...
  28th of Aug, 2009
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After having to replace some screens on my patio room several times, due to the dog, I was informed today that there would be a service charge if they needed to replace the screens again. When they hung that wonderful POS on the back of my home, I was told by the manager( all of them say this as a selling point) that the whole patio room was 100% warranteed for 15 years, no matter the cause. And after 15 years, all non-mechanical parts are covered for life. So their warranty is just another line of BS in a long line of BS that I have heard from Champion Window. Ron Spree told me untold number of non-truths and half-truths just to get me to sign a contract. Now it seems he learned it from management.
  10th of Sep, 2009
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champion is going out of business bc they can't pay their sub contractors for the jobs they have completed. WATCH OUT! Lifetime warranties are garbage! i know bc i work for a window company now and we put a 50 year warranty non-prorated transferable one time. and yes we have a service fee of 75.00 after two years of installation for any issues that occures in that time frame, thats with anybody you buy windows from. my boss has even waived that fee for some of my customers just to help people out. I work for a great company, and even have the windows in my own home. companys name is Primax Home Center base in Louisville, KY
  19th of Sep, 2009
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Champion is the WORST Company to deal with! I suggest having other local companies out to give you quotes first. Don't make a hug mistake and buy from Champion, chances are you will regret it. I have a feeling they will go out of business before long.
  31st of Mar, 2010
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I am not a Champion employee nor am I Champion customer - just a home owner looking for quality windows at a fair price. In the process of looking for windows, we contacted Champion to come to our home and provide a quote. As most of the internet complaints communicate, you should plan for 3+ hours to go through the process which includes a history of the company, publications touting the professionalism and quality of the company, a walk-through of your house, measurement of windows, construction examples of their windows to represent window quality and even an onsite test to provide an example of how well Champion windows can lower energy costs. This is fine although it took much longer than I would have liked. However, the sales tactics described in most complaints are absolutely true and difficult to understand given that I perceived the company and quality to be good - why use these tactics if the company is everything described?. Our salesperson was very nice, very personable put definitely trained to apply pressure to sign a contract immediately to insure a 45% discount. The price was high at best for the windows being offered. As I inferred in the opening of this comment, we did not purchase these windows. Our decision was based simply on the fact that there are better options available for a better price and I believe each homeowner owes it to him/herself to shop around. I would not recommend using Champion based on my evaluation and taking the time to shop around. However, part of shopping around might include giving Champion an opportunity to bid - just in case your experience with them is different than mine and they are able to offer you the best price for comparable quality. Just be prepared for the sales process described above and don't sign anything until you're satisfied you've adequately shopped around.
  10th of May, 2010
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Jeff LT - Your perception and evaluation was very well put and I totally agree with your posting. Your spot on and
Dido on your last statement - Just be prepared for the sales process described above and don't sign anything until you're satisfied you've adequately shopped around. Why does Champion use these sales tactics if the company is everything described its because its not really and it looks like your seen that in there presentation. I have only posted here within this site to expose Champion sales tactics as I know that to be flawed and many customers have been ripped off from Champion by paying way to much because they didn't adequately do there shopping. Who's fault is that? Yeah its the customers fault for that, but Champions tactics needs to be exposed. I have only used this form just inform the consumers as they can purchased a comparable product for about half of Champions 40%-50% discounted sale price for the very same type of product. By no means does Champion produce a superior product and most of the time it is just a OEM built product. Meaning that they are purchased them resold from other manufactures while representing themselves as the manufacture and that needs to be exposed so here is a prime example. Champion uses "Crane" siding products. But one of the first things out of there so called "factory representative" lips is to tell every customer how they are the manufacture??? That is not the truth. Yes, I am a short term past employee and some might call my posting sour grapes but someone need to be full disclosure here and the customer need to do there research before doing business with Champion Windows of Cini, Ohio. Champion has tried to undermined me and my posting with Pro-Champions posting by there own employees which really they don't have a clue. Thanks, MASK
  25th of Apr, 2011
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maskzman, the way you were writing sounds so much like an ex Champion employee that couldn't close a door. WIIFM? I'm not even going to explain that one. Read a few good sales books and stop whining about a company that gave you an opportunity to help people make their homes more valuable, save money on utilities, and make you a few dollars in the meantime. And no I'm not an employee or ex employee of Champion, I'm a Sales Trainer and I speak to sales reps on a daily basis. For everyone complaining about the price being too high, go with the lowest price you can find because you obviously can't see value in an amazing product, and Champion doesn't want your business anyway.

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