American Craftsman Window and Door Company Complaints & Reviews

American Craftsman Window and Door Company / sliding glass windows with inside blinds

Aug 13, 2019

Tom Stapleton. [protected]. 28015 St. Rt. 37 Richwood, Ohio. 43344 We bought sliding glass windows with mini blinds from Home Depot on [protected] for $700.00. SKU for moving panel [protected] and SKU for other panel [protected]. The clip will not hold the blinds up and moisture gets between...

American Craftsman Window and Door Company / 7501 1 r o 1 00 0 0 2 1 1 5 (casement/right r white loe glass sill angle head exp 1.9.8

Jul 22, 2019

This window was purchased and installed in 2005. It performed as expected for 13 years. It fogged up between panes in 2118. Have lived continually in the same house purchased in 1995. This window was one of 20 purchased through a local Home Depot store(4158 Hilltown); 782 Route 113;...

American Craftsman Window and Door Company / windows

May 13, 2018

I have an issue with a fogged up window. Have been dealing through home Depot who advised that they had a discussion with Melissa at American Craftsman and she said she needed more information. I emailed back all the information I had but have heard nothing back since April 27. The home...

American Craftsman / 50 series sliding door.

Dec 21, 2017

Can not get mortise lock to flip around. Looks to me it has been installed incorrect at factory. Tried calling customer service wich sends me to answering service saying u are open but nobody answers or print dies not work. I even called Anderson with nobody with a answer. I am owner of a...

America Craftsan / real bad replacement windows


Recently did half of my homes windows and 5 of them defective. 4 have massive gaps on sides (yupper did the shim thing till windows were basically extremely hard to open) and one now has two broken welds on top. When I called their customer service two days ago I was connected to a very...

American Craftsman Windows At Home Depot / windows


American craftsman windows from home depot are just plain junk. I have 16 windows that whistle when the wind blows, have brown mold growing in between the 9500 series triple pane window (That are suppose to be the best) , and have drafts of cold air seeping into my house from the sides of...