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If you are looking for the cheapest windows then by all means dont bother with a real company like Champion. There are plenty of cheap window companies to sell you what you really want and then you can come on here and complain about them. Should you want a quality product at a reasonable price then give champion a call.

Hummmm Scott you are so correct when you say "don't bother" with Champion. What do you call resaonable price? Maybe a 200%- 300% mark-up is fair in your book. Then I got some ocean front property in AZ if you think that is

Champions whole selling model is so flawed. It is really is just like a USED CAR sales lot style if you ask me. Champion will not disclose any of its product pricing upfront. That should send a big red flag up of things to come with Champion. Champion will to send out ole Slick Willy the saleman and his going to try to get within your front doors and warn up with you to become your long lost friend. Then Silk is going to start asking quistions to try to get a handle of scope of your project as he should. Then ole Slick is going to tell you everything little thing about Champion and put on a great dog and pony show about his products or you. He is trying to get his customers emotionally involved with his sales presentation and make you want to own thwm. Then when ole Slick thinks his got you licking out of the plums of his hands then he is going to configure his highly inflated retail (book) price then his going to present that to you. Then he is going to just shut up and not say a thing and watch your reactions when you see his first offering. WOW You want what or what? The first offer should just rock you to your inner core. Then ole Slick is going to try to peel his valued customers back off of your ceilings by showing you ways you can afford his products and service. He might even offer you some huge discounts of say 30-50% if needed TO TRY TO CLOSE THE DEAL right now. These ole sales tactic are designed to bring the customers back and hopefully just meet somewhere in the middle of the road or a reasonible price??? Even with a 50% percent discount of a way JACKED-UP price is still just some JACKED up crap. That ole "tin men " sales style went out way back in the 80's .

Champion just needs to quit playing those ole worn out sales tactics with its customers and then they might get some respect. Until then Champion is just going to have a low class used car sales apperance at best. Champion should just be upfront and just ask for a fair market value price for its products and service instead of disrespecting its so called valued customers with an attempt to suck every last drop of money out of them. Champion does not have the clean hands like some of its brain washed employees think. Just pass up on the ole slick willy dog and pony show and don't let him come into your home or you might just be the next sucker that pays to much. Good luck and nice try with that Champion...

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  • Ma
      Aug 31, 2009

    It is just a trained sales ploy to set up the customers for astronomical priced fro a standard window quility by todays standards.

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