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Certegy + Target / check denial

1 Malibu, CA, United States

My husband wrote a check to Target for $33. At that time his checking account had approx $20000. in it. Target took the check. One month later he tried to write a check at Home Depot -- they refused the check and handed him a little yellow"Dear Customer" card. He called the 866 number. The Target check had apparently bounced. He called his bank. Not only had his check not bounced, they'd never seen it. In the meantime I wrote a check at Ralph's. It was declined -- little yellow card, etc. We called Target. Turns out they'd mis-entered a number and this had raised flags with Certegy. Did Target offer to correct the problem? Well, not until 3 business days -- so our account is frozen while they sort out THEIR mistake. Calls to Target Customer service get you someone in India who refers you back to the number you called in the first place. Calls to Certegy get you a robot. The amount of frustration energy and time devoted to this problem has impacted our whole family. And we don't know if they've reported any of this to the Credit Score Companies, thus screwing up our credit. If there's a class action suit against Certegy, SIGN ME UP. Same for Target. AND I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.


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