Certegy Check Deniedcertegy denied my check


I cant believe that today I went to Wal-Mart to the money center and I was very nice to cashier that I said I do not wish to carry all cash of $836.30 and I would like to have pre-paid wal-mart debit card it is the way safe it is...she was smile and know I made a right decided and she asked me for ID and a SSN which I already gave her. She process the check which is from Merrill Lynch 401K retirement check which is suppose to be trust this check to cash it. CERTEGY is the one control and denied as a code 2 is said too risk to cash it. Then I tried other check which is from Gov't benefit its SSI check because I am deaf...the amount on SSI check is $564. Lady tried it again to process on SSI check, still denied and said code 2 too risk to cash it. I am feeling like and believe that it had nothing to do with checks to cash it, it had something that CERTEGY is against me on my history of credit if I have bad credit and CERTEGY is make sure I cant cash the check...only one way is have my check give up to whoever I owe in past of credit history debt. Thats how I feel like it how suppose to work to against anyone's credit history to not let them to cash the check. I called the 866 and I told rep about what happen and they said they cant cash 2 of checks due to code 2 too risk to cash it and told me I cant cash those checks at any wal-mart because it will be same denied. I told rep that I am report to BBB, report to Sheriff dept and an state attenoy and the rep said u r more welcome to reports as your rights but we are follow CERTEGY policy under 3 big credits. Thats what they said...they dont care and I think Banks is side with CERTEGY the way when people cant cash the check, only thing they think is open new account with any of banks. Thats like bail at people that you cant cash the need to open new bank account.

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