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check decline

I was just declined for a $20 check I wrote to Maurices, a company I have been writing checks to for years. I...

check denial/profiling

When I tried to write a check at Shaw's Supermarket in Littleton, NH for $47, it was declined. I shop at this store at least once a week - correction, I USED to, I will not step foot into this store again! They gave me a "little blue card" with Certegy phone number and some "Dear Valued Customer" stuff. When I called, I was informed that I did not match MY checking account's profile.

I usually use my debit card (which Certegy wouldn't make any money on), however, I had left it at home, so I thought, with my Shaw's card, I would write a check. This goes so far beyond "wrong", it's Profiling at it's best (or perhaps worst). Certegy informed me that they process checks for approximately 75% of buisnesses nationwide - pretty scarey to me. I will be doing my homework and will NOT shop at these businesses.

If there is any action against them, count me in!!!

  • Ar
    Aracely Mora Nov 07, 2008

    I too was a victim of that awfull company. I forgot my debit card at home and so figured I would write a check. Kmart refused my $38.11 check. I was soo embarrased my 4 year old was with me and wanted a bag of chips that I could not afford since I had no cash. When I called certegy they said I had no negative information on file and my banking information was fine, but my situation was linked to frauduelent check writting situations and so I was denied. They went on to say that in the past 13 months I had not written a check through them and that my lack of check writting was probably the reason it was denied, but they offered me a free application to their gold membership. What a deal! I went to Kmart to buy holloween candy, left embarrased, went home got my card, and bought them at Smart and Final. Will never go back to Kmart again.

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  • Li
    Linda Feb 24, 2009

    I tried to cash my federal income tax refund. They said I have cashed too many checks with them lately. The total #of checks I have cashed, is 4 checks in 2008. They have been from my 401k or mileage checks, from my work. No personal checks. I will never go to WalMart again!!!

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approvals and denials

I was told by a Certegy Supervisor that their Check verification service was one of the best in the world...

violation of fact act, fair credit reporting act

I wrote a $351.00 check to Toys R Us on October 26, 2008. The check was declined by Certegy. The clerk at...

check declined in albertsons!

My husband was waiting for the bank to issue him a new debit card. Until then he went to Albertsons to buy...

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check cashing

I had my first experience with Certigy when I was totally humilliated at a Walgren store. When my check wa...

scam charges

8/12 I stopped to purchase $40. in gas at Circle K. Wrote a check, as I always do. The clerk ran my check through the machine and said apparently the system was down as, it wasn't taking it. She did not give me any kind of receipt or anything. She then ran it again, and got a receipt that stated duplicate EFT. So I went to my ATM machine and withdrew $40., and back and purchased the $40. of gas.

When I checked my bank statement, there was the check # and charge of $40. that was not accepted.

  • Tr
    trash circle k Apr 02, 2010

    I walked into a Cricle K by my house that i frequently visit and i happened to see money on the ground, i asked the girl who was standing by it if it was hers, she picked it up and said no; Almost imedietly the employee (behind the counter ) reached over and grabbed the money from the young ladies hand and put it under the counter, ( not in the money drawer ). Flabberghasted, i wait for the other customers to leave before i start complaining to this employee about how she just took the money that i found and pocketed it, her excuses were that the cameras can see everything i do and ill get in trouble for stealing. But what did she steal? it was almost like she knew that i caught her and she started pleading for a crime that wasnt even committed, noone stole anything, someone that night lost money, i found it, and she unjustly took it. After she grabbed it she started acting all happy like she was getting married. but then again she could've been so happy that she just banked a couple hundred dollars, so i will never go to circle K again; Also i am fighting this to the max because i'll be darned if some fat ugly trailer trash girl is gonna get that money unjustly.

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check rejection

This year I have written 12 checks at K-Mart totaling over $1000; my average monthly spending at K-Mart is $135.00. On September 9, 2008, I wrote a check there and my check was rejected. I paid cash for my purchases and with great alarm, immediately went to my bank where I was assured that there was no problem with my account. Then I called the number on the back of my rejected check (Certegy Check Services). It seems that this middle aged grandmother fell into some category that had been established by who knows what and my check must not be good! They wanted to send me an application to fill out for them so I would be in their system to prevent it from happening again. I AM NOT filling out any application for them in order for ME to write checks. I do not plan to shop at K-Mart anymore, but now after reading other complaints about other stores, where can I shop without the fear of this embarrassing thing happening again?

payroll check denied

Today is the second time in 2 months i have had Certegy tell Walmart to deny cashing my check. Let me break...

payroll cashing

Today, August 4, 2008 I went to cash my payroll check at Walmart as I do every other week for the past year...

denied personal check

I had a horrible experience when shopping at a local Dicks Sporting Goods retailer. I shop there frequently, but usually use cash for transactions. I made $153 in purchases and submitted a personal check for payment - the clerk asked me for several forms of identification along with the check which I was in complete compliance with of course. I gave the clerk my driver's liscense and social security number - address, phone number and date of birth. ALL OF WHICH HE VERBALIZED OVER THE TELEPHONE TO AN AUTHORIZATION AGENT FROM CERTEGY! Not only was my personal information shared with the rest of the public standing in line behind me, but my check was denied. Knowing that I had plenty of funds to cover this check - I was mortified. I called my bank, Dicks Sporting Goods corportate offices and found that I needed to speak with Certegy. I got nothing but the run around from certegy. Customer service could not tell me why my check was denied other than it was flagged for some kind of profile to protect me from fraud and identity theft. Did I not just mention that I provided several forms of identification for them... This is beyond ridiculous. My itention is to reach retailers who use Certegy Check verification service to let them know that this is routine practice for them and that they should look for better service with another service. I also observed that there are several class action lawsuits with sizeable settlements against Certegy - I wonder why! I believe I may have another suit for them. How about the breech of confidentiality that I experienced?!

certegy check services

I recently went to K-Mart and tryed to write a check with a new account my husband and I had opened. I was declined and it was more than devastating being I had plenty of money in my account. I immediately called certegy when I returned home and they told me that I was declined due to it being a new account and not because I had anything on my record. I already knew that but politely agreed with the customer service representative. They then told me that they would send me a "gold application" to fill out with a voided check and that this matter would be handled. It has been weeks and today I finally received my response from them. I was still declined but they assured me that I should try the company in which I was declined to start with and see if it goes through. I have heard nothing but terrible things about certegy check services and feel as if they are the worst company out there. Why would I go back and embarrass myself again? How stupid would that be? I don't know what needs to be done but someone needs to get there crap right and fix this problem. It just happened to my mother-in-law here in the same town but different store. She has had her banking account for over 15 years. When I received my response letter, certegy didn't even have my name spelled correctly when I sent them a voided check as well as my information. What an irresposible company. So now I have to remember what places use this terrible check service so i do not get embarrassed again. I hope certegy knows how they are affecting the companies they represent because a lot of people will not even return to the places they have been humiliated at and certegy does not have to pay the price for that. The store does!!! I hope certegy goes out of business!!!

  • Da
    Dave Nov 28, 2007

    Three times in the last three months I have had checks declined at three different stores all which use Certegy to process checks. Each time I try to find out why, I get the same response, your transaction fits the pattern of a fraulent transaction. When pressed to explain, they refuse to tell me what that pattern is (its proprietry). Interesting fact is that when my wife writes a check on the same account at the same store, she is not declined.

    Given the responses I have received from Certegy (and no help whatsoever in resolving the problem), I can only think of two reasons that they keep denying my checks:

    1) Their computer algorithm is incorrect

    2) They are harassing me

    They deny that either is true but fail to offer anyother explanations.

    Anyone know of a good lawyer? Is Certegy an example of a business that has run amok?

    Dave Nickell

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  • Wi
    William Sullivan Jan 02, 2008

    You don't have the right to pay by check. It is not legal tender. Ask your bank. They have a debit card you can use to access funds in your checking account and the retailer will know immediately if the transaction is good. With checks, the retailer has to wait DAYS to find out if your checking account has been closed, if a stop payment has been made on the check being used, or if the account owner has reported the checks stolen. The retailer loses if there is check fraud committed and they can't afford to take a hit like that. It's best if you stop using checks and start using debit cards and credit cards. Just ask your friendly neighborhood banker.

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  • Ho
    Holly Perrin Feb 29, 2008

    Dave, I've had a similar problem with Certegy, where they neither offered explanation, nor resolution. If I am to register myself in their Gold program, then I should have no more check writing difficulties. I have a couple of problems with this. First of all, I have never committed any crime and I have no record whatsoever of writing bad checks. My phone call should have been suficient for them to see that this was true and to remove my name from their list. Secondly, as I look over their Gold membership application, there is a lot of personal information that they require, such as my employer's name, how many years I've been with the company, their phone number, and, of course they want to know my annual household income level, as well. Oh, and, by the way, it wasn't long ago that around 8.5 million people who are already registered with them had all of this information sold to marketing companies by a rogue employee of theirs. Not a very tight ship their running. But, the fact that I have been singled out by this company and don't even have the option of writing a check at places like Ross or Walmart and God knows where else, is a sort of harrassement. And why does Certegy care? It's not like I'm their customer. They just expect me to jump through their hoop or lose my check writing priveledges because they say so. Life would be simpler for me if I just comply, which is how most people think. But, instead, I'm investigating the legality of their type of harrassement and I plan on lodging every possible complaint with every possible agency.

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  • Sr
    sree Jul 15, 2008

    form last two months i am also suffering with customer care empolyes no response form them

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 18, 2008

    Solution: Stop writing checks. Use a debit or credit card, or cash. Checks are dead.

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  • Mb
    mb53 Aug 01, 2008

    With all the complaints being filed against Certegy, why are large department store chains still using them? Two days ago I had a check in the amount of $9.06 refused by Sears! My debit card was stolen and I hadn't yet received the new one. The cashier looked at me like I had just robbed the place. I had enough cash to make the purchase, but not to regain my dignity. I have yet to get an answer on why my check was refused, other than "negative information from a third party."

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  • An
    annie stewart Jan 12, 2009

    I tried to cash a check at Walmart a couple of days ago because I had to work during bank hours. The clerk told me that she could not cash my paycheck and that I needed to call this number to find out why. I went home and dialed the number and an automated system said that my check cashing paterns was showing signs of fraudulant behavior. I was not satisfied with this answer because I had never had any problems cashing my check there before. By the time I got a young girl from customer service on the line I was furious. She told me the same thing. I asked her for more details because I wanted to know if someone else was trying to cash checks in my name or what was going on. She said that that information was not available to the public. I cussed her out and planned on sending Certegy a NASTY letter. If that customer service girl is reading this, I'm sorry I know it's not your fault but you seriously need to find another job. If you are not going to cash someone's check at least give them details as to why. Certegy can suck a fart out of my a$$ for all I care.

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fraud & scam

Received notices to supply an affidavit on requests to pay off a bounced check? Not my account, not my bank?...

declined checks

I am so fed up with excuses from regions and certegy. Regions debited my account for over 1000 dollars and...

1 comment Red Bank Banks

poor customer service

My husband travels. He occasionally writes a check from his check book. He obviously has a different check book than I do. We can't share the same set of checks when we are not in the same town. We happened to be together today shopping at Walgreens. I wrote a check to pay for our purchase which was declined. I stood at the register and called Certegy because I have funds in my account and have never bounced a check. I could not for the life of me imagine why my check was declined. It was because my husband wrote a check from his book earlier this week and our checks were out of sequence. Have you ever grabbed the wrong check book - not to mention couples who may operate out of two check books. This ques the Certegy system to decline your check. Although my husband was with me, we had both check books with both sequences with us, we both had multiple forms of ID, we have very high check numbers from an account that has been open for over 20 years and we had a deposit slip showing funds of over $5000 available as of yesterday - there was no exception to the rule. Centergy refused to make any kind of exception. They also informed me that if either of us attempted to write a check at ANY store in the Centergy system, it would be declined for the next three days. I discussed this with the manager of Walgreens and he is at the mercy of the Centergy system. I have worked in the collection and check recovery business for over twenty years. I helped develop and impliment an electronic check solution. Our solution allowed our client to use the system to alert them of red flags but also to make sure they could provide good customer service in a case like mine. My entire family uses Walgreens for prescriptions, personal items and household items. We may spend an average of $500 per month, easily. I will opt NOT to shop at Walgreens and I will attempt to find a non-Centergy contracted store to make my purchases, even if I have to pay more at a local, family owned, pharmacy in my area. This system bullies consumers. Stores that buy in to the philosephy that the need that kind of service to protect themselves are foolish. There is another pharmacy down the street from almost every Walgreens in the United States. When you are in a competitive market like that, you need to think just as much about customer service as protecting yourself from fraud.

  • Ge
    Gena Jun 04, 2008

    I couldn't agree with you more. I also had my checks out of sequence as I had grabbed another book of checks on a prior day and used one at another store while I was in a hurry. I also had plenty of money in the bank, no bad check writing history not to mention overdraft protection through my savings account as well. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and not shop Walgreens!!

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  • Mr
    mrs sassy Jul 14, 2008


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  • Ma
    mariareynolds Aug 16, 2008

    Certegy is the enemy for me, they wrote their own checks with my name and deposited in my checking to get paid $ 20 each on 2 checks that where returned one month ago it was for inssuficient funds but they did not have a right to get then selves paid like that, and also I am excluded to write check at Target, Walmart, and many more .

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  • Ds
    D***S*** Feb 20, 2010

    I could not agree with you more!!! I cash my checks at wal mart, and I work with bank of america, so i cash my checks get money orders, pay bills and by grocieries, 1 day they decline my (WORK CHECK MIND YOU) said they could not cash it and it is because it falls with in the 24 policies they have, i was like are you serious you cash them all the time and you cant today!! was like are you freaking kidding me, but they told me if i come back tomorrow i can try and it will probably go thru! i ask why they ay the policy will change!! I FEEL SAFE WITH THEM!!! DO YOU KNOW THAT THEY HAVE YOUR SS# NUMBER, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBERS, ROUTING NUMBERS, DRIVERS LICIENCE NUMBERS, ASK YOUR SELF HOW SAFE DO YOU FEEL NOW!!! WAL-MART USES CERTERGY I WILL NOT GO THERE NO MORE AND NOW I CAN TAKE WALGREENS OFF NOW!!!

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  • Az
    Azara Feb 20, 2010

    There is many stores that go through Certegy. I too, am going to try to find other stores that do not go through them...I hate them. I feel victimized by them. They are cocky with their lame, "sorry for the inconvenience" bullcrap. And they wouldn't even give me a reason why I was declined.
    I filed a complaint with the BBB and am going to write some angry letters. I am planning on letting the stores know and realize there are people being judged wrongly by the system they have allowed to rule over them.
    Maybe I will write to Chris Matthews...maybe someone should check them out. Obviously they are hurting the business's perhaps more than helping them. I know I am not shopping at Walmart anymore for me and my family.
    If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

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failure to cash my check!

I too tried to cash my check at Wal-Mart and was declined. When I called Certegy to find out what the problem...

declined check authorization!

For the second time in the last six months, our business check was refused at Office Depot in Selma, CA. They gave us a card with information to contact a company named CERTEGY, which handles their check authorizations. They would not tell us why our check was declined. They basically told us it would be declined every time we tried to shop there in the future. We have never bounced a check in 28 years of business. Obviously we will no longer be shopping at Office Depot. It appears that Office Depot does not care about the $3000 we spent with them last year, ALL WITH CHECKS!

  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 16, 2008

    This is unfortunate, and exactly why I don't use checks anymore. They are becoming an extinct form of payment anyway. Banks are now charging for using them, thus forcing customers to use debit or credit, or *GASP* cash. Not to be crass, but I would highly suggest using plastic. OD is not the only one using Certegy.

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checks denied!

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. My roommate and I had been cashing our checks at...

non-authorization of check!

On 18 Mar 08, I attempted to write a check for grocery purchase at a local grocery store chain in North...

check rejected - no reason

A copy of the letter I sent to K-Mart...

To Whom It May Concern:

I have shopped at K-Mart and Sears store for most of my life and thanks to the way my husband and I were treated at your Duluth- Miller Hill K-Mart store, we will never shop at a Sears or a K-Mart again. I'm just not that much of a masochist.

I lived in Duluth, MN for ten years and moved to Warroad, MN 2 years ago to start a new life with my then fiance, now husband. Since we didn't get to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in January (my husband's grandmother died), we decided to go to Duluth for a special weekend celebration we called "Anni-Valentine's". The weekend of February 15, 16 & 17 was to be our special getaway.

We stayed at a hotel, ate at some of the best restaurants in town and did some shopping- including a trip to K-Mart for some kitchen items, jeans for my husband, slippers for me and some underwear for me. It may not sound like a big deal to you, but there are not many shopping options up here- except traveling 1 1/2 hours east or west to either go to the K-Mart in International Falls or Thief River Falls. There are no slippers to be found at Marvin Home Center. I've looked.

We purchased $109.04 in merchandise and tried to use our debit card, which was declined. We figured it was declined due to a daily cap of purchases which we had forgotten about. So I whipped out my checkbook, knowing I had over $2000.00 available, and wrote a check. My check was declined by your check verification service- Certegy. I was absolutely dumbfounded and mortified.

There I was, a person who has never written a bad check, being told my checks are no good in front of a line full of people who likely thought I was some sort of ###. I next presented my Sears card, which I had wanted to make a payment on, not rack up MORE charges on. At least that went through. Had I been thinking clearly, I would have just left the stuff on the counter and walked. I'm paying you an obnoxious interest rate because you embarassed me. Now I truly feel dumb.

I was given no reason at the counter why my check was declined, I was just handed the check back, which now had some information printed on it. I promptly went back to my hotel and called Certegy. And apparently my checking account didn't have too many issues- I was able to take out $200.00 in cash at a nearby ATM.

According to Certegy, I have no negative checks on file, nor was any sort of block placed on my account. DUH. I think I would know about that. I was then told by some guy who barely spoke English that my account was blocked because they had seen "Suspicious Activity" on it. He then said I could fill out a form to get reduced restrictions on my account. I went ahead and told Apu he could send it. (Apparently he has left the Qwik-E-Mart...)

So here are the problems I have with this situation-

1) What business does this company have poking through my checking account? I never gave anyone permission to access my account. I believe this is an illegal invasion of my privacy. I plan to ask the Minnesota Attorney General's office about it.

2) There are no posted disclosures in the store stating that my account will be checked over by you or your hired goons. (You really don't have any right to know about those purchases at


4) I now have to pay your godawful credit card bank interest for purchases I now wish I had left on the counter while flipping whatever genius at your company came up with this idea THE BIRD. (A finger is worth a thousand words... perhaps I could have saved myself some typing here...)

5) Your Certegy people sent me a form that looks suspiciously like a credit application. I am NOT providing any personal information to these people. They have no right to my information and I am just not dumb enough to give my information to them to sell to whatever company they wish. (Or have stolen by some random emplyee as they recently did...)

If you took five minutes to read some of the horrid accounts posted by consumers all over the country about this company, you can see why I will not be doing business with you so long as you use them.

I don't really expect you to respond to this or to give a crap, but I do want you to know that I have posted a complaint on [redacted].com and A letter to the Attorney General, Lori Swanson, is also being sent.

As a financial worker in a retail business, I know that bad checks are a real problem, but I also know that there is a right and wrong way to treat people. You folks have made the wrong choice and now I am choosing not to play the game.

If in five years your corporate people are trying to figure out why you are on your way to bankruptcy again, you now have a possible reason- pissed off and embarassed customers who decided to go elsewhere.

At least we can say each place we went gave us something special. The **** gave us free dessert, as did ******, the hotel gave us a discount just because they like us and you gave us some embarassment and frustration we won't soon forget.

Thanks for the memories,

Michaela A. Cyrus

PS- In case you actually do bother looking into this matter, the receipt number referenced on the back of the check was **** [protected] *****.