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CenturyLink / my unlisted / non-published # in their 2010 phonebook!!!

1 WA, United States

I've had service for over a year with CenturyTel, now known as CenturyLink. Having recently moved to a new state, during a bitter divorce, I feared for my safety and possible retaliation from my ex, so paid for an unlisted number, got a PO Box and tried to do my best to keep my phone # and physical address information private. Several times I found listings on other phone web sites and other directories and spent time investigating how the information was provided, the dates information was collected and the directories were published, contacted them individually to see if I could opt out and let them know I had paid for an unlisted number.

In the last 14 months I've called CenturyTel/ CenturyLink several times and cried-begged-pleaded in frustration that they NOT publish my phone number or address - that they not make my information public. Each time I was assured that the problem had been corrected and I would not have to worry.

Their 2010 (good until Sept '10) Yellow Pages was recently distributed and guess what!?! All three: NAME - PHONE # - ADDRESS are published right there in THEIR OWN phone book for the world to see! Just checked and found it in DEX too. HOW can they miss this after my extremely explicit phone calls - I even told them I feared for my safety - AND I PAY for the privilege of NOT BEING PUBLISHED!!! MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE CALLED MYSELF A *BUSINESS* then maybe they would've excluded me for not paying enough to *BE* published.

There were other lesser complaints I dealt with over the last year but this has finally put me over the edge and I have no patience left with spending yet again numerous hours on the phone with CSRs and supervisors that are at best ineffectual or just couldn't care less if they follow up on one customers request. I'd like to file a complaint with the FCC and anyone else possible.

Granted I haven't been physically harmed (yet) but the emotional anxiety I suffer over this is enormous. PLUS...they've been taking my money every month! More than the money it's the safety issue trying to remain "under the radar" except for those I choose to communicate my whereabouts to.

I'm tired of being ripped off, just being a number and having to suck it up from greedy communications companies (and others) with their 2 year contracts, up-sells, fine print etc etc etc to unwary or weary consumers.

Has anyone ever sued their phone provider for something like this? I've found the FCC website. Are there any other state or federal or consumer organizations or avenues I should explore for lodging a formal complaint?

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