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I have been with CenturyLink for years (9+) because it is offered in a package deal with Directv. My fiance set it up originally and i was not part of that set up. Within our terms, we have been promised way more than what was delivered on. Lower bill, promised with very little delivery; slow service, promised resolution with no delivery. I am a very patient person but now i am at my last point. I have called multiple times just to end up being let down. So here goes:
from [protected]: was nickle and dimed on the bill for a very slow service. Multiple calls were made, upgraded services with lower monthly cost was promised. Come to find out, those lower costs were for a very limited time. We had multiple modems on hand waiting to send back but I was never provided call tags/shipping labels to send back. the problem at hand then, if we left CenturyLink, our Directv bill would have increased THUS FORCING US TO STAY. Then comes our 1st opportunity to leave in 2015.
Sept 2015 - Current: My fiance and I moved to a different city within AZ and 1st thing i wanted to do was leave you come to find out CenturyLink is the only provider outside of a local one within our city or Maricopa. I respect and commend you for doing this, great business move honestly. Remember the extra modems, i mentioned from before? Still had those. We almost left Directv at the time of move as well but I was sold on again, better service and lower bill. Directv aside, My century link bill was agreed to be $29.99 per month. My bill ended up being $47.99 after all was said and done. I called on this for the 1st 4 months of me having the service and was told, "well, you don't have paperless billing, that can save you $10". 1) that was never discussed when setting up the new agreement and 2) it still didn't bring my bill down to $29.99. The most discouraging thing I have come to understand is that NOBODY notates accounts as i have asked every person if they can see my acct notes from prior calls and not 1 person said they saw them. I have literally asked if there are any notes available and the answer i got and continue to get is No. This is very bad as it doesn't hold anyone accountable, it makes the customer look bad, nor does it allow for accurate service. Speaking of service:
Jan - 2017: My Wi-fi was acting up, i call in and get tech support. I was asked for the wi-fi password and I was told verbatim, "It not be working well because you have 2 exclamation points in the password. Special characters can effect service". When I hung up, I had zero confidence in the service overall. I mention this call because it makes tech reps look very unintelligent.
May 8th, 2017: My 2nd most recent call. Since that ridiculous answer in January I was given, I told myself to deal with it and close my acct as soon as I can in Sept. then my internet stopped working. I was paying $57.99 for 12 mb/s for quite sometime. I called to just inquire about faster speeds, cost, etc. Just in case my hope of things changing could be reality. I spoke with a gentleman in Illinois ( i have all his info if needed and confirmation number for the call) and he admitted to us being over charged for quite sometime and said i could get the fastest service at $23 per month. Now, i mentioned my 1st 4 months and all the calls I made, until this call and as much as i mentioned me being with directv, this gentleman told me there no directv acct number associated with my CL account which was $10 more monthly!!! So With paperless billing and directv, there seems to be the extra $20 i was charged for since Sept 2015. Anyway, the new order was taken and i approved this thus overlooking all the bad i have experienced. The installer came out 5/11 and we were good to go. within that call on 5/8 I verified what my bill will be, what my current bill is with any prorated amounts and my current billed quoted to me was $-36.90 meaning i wouldn't have a bill for a little bit. SOLD ME ON IT!
May 17th: I get my mail the day before (5/16) come to my surprise, I have a bill for $57.99! I call to discuss this because it is quite different than me being quoted $-36.90. I get transferred to the loyalty department AGAIN come to find out no notes (surprise) and that my bill was supposed to be with the new service, a total of $33.99 which is $10 different than my original quoted $23 and that the gentleman STILL didn't add my directv acct number in. So he found a problem from the past and still didn't resolve. Anyway, back to the bill i received. the lady i spoke with today told me why i got it. She said, the order was completed on 5/11, a day after your bill was generated. I said, "ok understood, but my order was placed and authorized on 5/8 and this was what i was quoted of $-36.99!! She gave me a generic credit for the difference of $23 to $33 monthly which was nice but I am 1) still stuck with $57.99 i shouldn't have had or better yet, not quoted to have and 2) right back to the lack of confidence in the service and the support. I personally wish there were enough people to complain to get you guys to change your culture of nickle and diming but also TO GET NOTES ON THE ACCOUNTS. None of anything I have typed here will be able to validated I assume since there are no records of my conversations which then in turn doesn't allow accountability. I challenge whoever reads this to contact me if they can. I will also be placing this note into the website in the "Unresolved issues" email.

May 17, 2017
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