CenturyLinkovercharged for the last 6 months

I have always recommended CL over the other cable provider in the area because they had always had great Customer Service until recently.
First, you have to go through their robot answer system that does not understand Customer Service as a command, a far cry from the live person that used to answer the phone.
Secondly, you get to that person the robot sent your call to and they are not the department you need to speak with after 20 minutes on hold. So you are again transferred to wait again.
When I finally got a very nice lady on the line that promised to look into the $56 for a phone I don't have and over double the monthly charges($112 to $288) for Prism and Internet, I got cut off and could not get her back. So I called the same Number again and took another 15 minutes on hold. I finally got someone who could start to help me and then I had to talk to a resolution officer because she could not take off these outrageous charges.
I made calls every month for the last 6 months and not one person corrected my bill. The overages total over $400 and Now I am expected to pay for them. Please help !!!

Mar 04, 2016

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