Cell C / iphone 6s

Gauteng, South Africa

First let me say the Cel C Eastgate branch that is dealing with my complaint has done everything and then some to make me happy.
Last year I misplaced my phone, reported it stolen blacklisted it found it unblocked unblacklisted it, and that phone never worked properly again. I would go into a shopping centre and get no signal, I would be at home and most evenings no signal, I travel out of Johannesburg and no signal. This is beyond funny, my bill isn't reduced because my phone doesn't work, this month of January I haven't used it once.
I am requesting a new phone. Not a re repaired phone.
Eastgate Cel C is happy to oblige, but needs the bosses to ok.
I belief is it is time the bosses did the right thing and gave me a new phone.
Kindest regards
Anne Krause

Jan 25, 2017

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