Celebrity Cruisesdamaged clothing

Just returned from a Russia/Baltic cruise 21/07/18 to 04/08/18 which was wonderful however we did experience an issue with clothing being stained whilst sitting at the Sunset Bar at the rear of the ship. A number of our clothing items had an 'orange residue' on them which I thought would wash out when I got home, however they have not. We did notice on one day in particular that our skin and hair was coated in this and took a fair bit of washing off our bodies, so much so that the towels were stained.
Having returned home and washing all our clothes there are a number of items that the marks will not come off. Whilst I do appreciate this is out of the control of the ship, I do think that a warning notice should be on display. Also whilst playing BOCCA at the Lawn club, some of the shoes are also damaged, I have not been able to remove the black soot stains. The strap of my handbag was hanging over a rail near the Lawn club and as I put it on across my body, the soot marks rubbed off onto my jacket, these have not come out in the wash also.
The main items of concern are several T-shirts, swim shorts, a jacket and a skirt. I can send photos later after acknowledgement of complaint.
I look forward to your comments. Karen Kenyon

Aug 05, 2018

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