Celebrity Cruises / no customer service

United States

*here is a copy of the letter I mailed and email them!! Let me tell you the reply was not good! This is not all of it but what I could put on here.

• I was sunburn pretty bad, stopped in the store on the ship to find no aloe or other relief items. The medical facility was closed as it does not have the most convenient hours. So, I had my husband go to guest services, he was told they do not have anything for sunburn. The next morning first thing I went to guest services myself and the gentlemen give me a bottle of aloe with the celebrity logo right on it. Funny how just a few hours earlier no one could help us, but now magically they have aloe to offer.

• on our last sea day we wanted some entertainment so we went to the marti bar for trivia, the girl hosting was “katie”. We were one of the first to enter and select a seat. After the time arrival and serval other arrived to place; she (Katie) started handing out the paper and pencils. After she passed us the first time and went around the room and came back to the front put the paper and pencils down and grabbed the mic. I said “we did not get a sheet of paper or pencil”. Her comment was “I intentionally ignored you” and she then handed my child the paper and pencil.

• on several trips to the island café the drink machines were empty or just simply closed, the coffee was cold at least 3 of the times we went to enjoy a cup.

• at our first night in the dining room our dinner took over an hour to reach our table with the couple next to us commenting us on how long it took.

• the island café was extremely limited in the food offerings and several stations closed or extremely long line.

• the steward (Room attendant) seem to never be around (I think I saw him 3 times during my 5 days) and the shower mat was never exchanged or pick up for the bathroom floor for the extent of our 5 day cruise.

• the walls in our cabin were dirty and dented as well as the ceiling

• lastly this ship did not seem to have a very friendly outgoing crew.


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