Cash Crusaders Northmead / rude staff

Northmead Square, South Africa

I went to cash crusaders northmead square today 25/10/17 to sell my sons xbox 360 games . A black assisted us by escorting us to the buying department and mentioned that they will offer R50 for each game although I paid between R500 to R1000 for eac game . The reason for selling the games was because we upgraded to an Xbox one and no longer required the games . The black gentleman seeked advice from a white employee "who seemed to be superior" about a game that did not have a proper title label on it the superior seemed unconcerned and rejected accepting that game . I then enquired about the other games that was cased and labelled originally. I was told that games were not new . So I asked " do you want new games for R50 each?"
He harshly replied "yes we wnt brand new games for 50 bucks " How unprofessional?

Oct 25, 2017

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