Cash Crusadersapple watch

I made a purchase of the Apple Watch at the Gezina shop. The watch however did not have a series number at the back as in most versions of the watch and salesman could not tell what version it was.
I bought the watch and only later did I discover that it was the 1st generation and failing to update the new oS. I also felt that the watch was over priced. I called the shop the following day to make arrangement for item return.
I was shocked with the hostile treatment I got from the managers especially one named JP, he never bothered to hear the issue and just proposed if I don't need the watch I can sell it back to them at about 40% less the price I bought. He then just disappeared into the back shop for more than 30min.
The bigger manager later came in and his attitude was no less to his subordinate. I doubt if the shop has any customer care policy.
I have been a fan of cash crusaders shop for a long time but that was the last they saw of me

Nov 29, 2018

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