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[Resolved] CarTrawler / the booking system cheated, not provided car

1 Italy
Contact information:

Booking reference number : it534701010, date 12-july-2015, request a refund. Sudden urgent business trip for 2days to italy. While booking at cartrawler system (Via malpensaairport official web, indicating drivers name of my husband) I paid by my credit card, and the swift has been done immediately. When arrived to rental desk, I found that my husband didn't have credit card on his name with himself (It has been lost). We asked politely to change the driver's name onto my name as first and his name as second driver - what could be more easier to change 2words (Especially when booking done - it was not fixed any driver's licence numbers, nothin, whatever). Moreover when got the copy of booking - there were no info about forbidden changes of drivers names, just big red letters not to forget the printed copy of reservation. The reservation/booking is not a contract for renting, just booking, can't understand why it was not changed, and the carrental officer didn't help us, he only said plenty of times: sorry madam, we are not able to help you and even not abe to make new booking. How that could ever be possible in 21st century, meaning that cartrawler got full payment (+i paid extras for useless insurance also immediately while booking, and could not even cancel it) ! When I understood that is nonsense to stay at rentaldesk, I immediatelly started to check what to do and how to cancel the booking, knowing that withoutcancellation fee 24hours before renting, and if one day - than 50euro is cancellation fee. I have emailed several times: at 23:26, 23:30, 23:33, first two times I got the reply that the message has been not delivered. The negative point is that the navigation at the car trawler web has been created in a sense - hidden button of booking cancellation, no any emails indicated, and same situation when we get the booking confirmation - there were no any link for cancellation of reservations. I feel myself diddled. I never get such experience in my life, but travelling quite often.
Today I have minus 176euro on my account for useless car trawler system, no any services provided. The car which I paid staid 2days not used! No any proper replies, except robotic replies and status closed of my claims (Each time I create new claim on web, emails are ignored, they robo-reply, and make it closed). Losses of more than 500euro for another car at different carrental, because could not stay overnight at airport. I really can't understand how that could be possible? All companies are not ideal, its abput how the company solve the problems. Cartrawler doesn't solve, just gets money. But you are providing broker's services, you should be 10times better than others, only in this way clients will come back / I feel myself cheated, and is veryvery unpleasant feeling. I would prefer better to transfer that small amount to the children's community for books or whatever...
Do your findings yourself about car trawler company, please google more feedback about it, you will find many interesting "satisfaction" about its services..

  • Resolution statement

    Dear All, I would like to inform that my case is closed as the refund is got. Dear Alicija, good evening. we are thanking you very much for your kind support and attention. The amount of 172.06 has been refunded (14.16e is still not) the bad mood has been changed to good as problems may appear anywayanydayanywhere - it is always about how managers are supporting and solving it. Thank you very much, I hope to be MORE attentive to small details in the future bookings, and will put same card holder-same driver. Alicija, have a nice weekend.

Jul 22, 2015

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