CarTrawler / I have been abusée in sicily : number of reservation it831549690

I reserved by dégrif auto a fiât 500 at the airport of palermo my n'aime is nadine millet for 88.10 € from the 3 of july to the 8 th
Agença 02553-05 cartrawler contrato [protected] targa fn 338xy gruppo noleggio cc gruppo tariffa cc
Tarifa 2 « airport orange blue »

Arriving at the desk of gold car which was the point to get the car.
The firts point was that gold car never hard in his park fiât 500.
So it was already a lie of 5he location contrac ; so I had no choice to take a c3 citroen.
After the sailor at the gold car desk was a professionnal lyer scaring me by saying that gold car will not cover the franchise
As it was sicily. at 6 pm I hard no time to phone and check and of course there was people waiting alter me.
At m'y retourn in france I phone visa and the y talled me that sicily was absolutly covered as all country exceptionnel some live russia..
I sayed that in porto in autum I was perfectly covered by my gold card but the answer : that a lot of véhicule were stolled in sicily.
So I have ben abused and scared and signed this abusive garantie for 134.95 € that do not definitivly need.
I clame for being rifunded of the abusive insurance.
I was served by ivano. I stell have the contract and can produced it.
I hope that you will registred and answer favorably at my complain of the theves which are specially employee in italian society.
Nadine millet.


Jul 30, 2018

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