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Carmax / Sales,service and management

1 Naples, FL, United States

The reason im writing this is because I am not sure if Corporate knows that lately it feels like it is the managers’ versus the sales consultants at least at the Naples store. We have some sales managers that are comfortable just with their salary and do not want to figure out solutions that will help a customer buy a car at Carmax. They don't think outside the box and cause more barriers than they are helpful. The sales consultants already have enough hurdles to overcome with trying to sell a car to someone let alone have a manager from Carmax making it even harder to do so. I have brought up these issues several times to my Lgm and it doesn’t seem to get any better. Just an idea but maybe you shouldn’t pay your sales mangers as much and put them on a commission type of pay scale to give them the incentive to help make these deals happen but, when they are ok making 50k to start or have been in the company for a long time and are making 100k they don’t need to work any harder for their money.. "just a thought"...Plus you might want to take a look at some of your buyers who are not helping making any deals happen with their ridiculous offers that immediately kill a deal instead of trying to help make a deal happen. We have buyers that don’t care about whether or not the offer will help this customer buy a car here or whether or not the offer is less than what a junkyard would offer the customer. How can a customer feel that CarMax is making a good offer or the best offer when its lower than a junkyard offer. How can we offer an average of $4000 less on some cars that look 10 times better than the one we are selling and try to justify it. It doesn’t say much for CarMax’s philosophy of making the best offer to our customers or "the way car buying should be". We also have spoken about the quality of the vehicles seem to be getting worse and worse. Cars with paint work that the color doesn’t match or cars with missing or broken parts. Tires that are just shy of being dangerous to drive on if not dangerous already. Cars that sound like no one has done a tune up to them in years. Cars that smell like they have been used as a toilet or cars infested with roaches ants or spiders. We at CarMax state our cars don’t have that used car feel.. I beg to differ, they feel and look worse than other used cars that I have seen. Yet all management can say is that it meets standards. How can we say that our cars are of a higher quality and that we pick the best cars for our customers or that our cars don't have that used car feel when as soon as anyone looks at them they look and feel worse than a used car. How can we say that 1 in 3 qualify to be a CarMax car when the cars we are selling are in those conditions? I can only imagine what the other cars must look like. Naples store is unlike any other store because our market is very seasonal. So when we have the ability to make a sale we don’t need someone from our company making it harder for it to happen. Furthermore when was the last time that CarMax increased the sale consultants pay? We are constantly stating how profitable we are and how our associates make CarMax a better place but we pay our associates at the bottom of the pay scale. Our consultants are the worst paid sales people in the country per industry standards. I know I sound like an employee that isn’t making any sales and that I am looking for a reason to blame it on the company versus myself, but I am one of your top consultants in your sales team and what I am looking for is for someone to open their eyes and see that some managers shouldn't be a manager, but because they couldn’t make it as a sales person they decided to take that route instead. What ever happened to hard work and dedication to become a manager? Here it seems that all you have to do is kiss a little butt and you are in. Someone should really look into how we choose to promote our people. I was so proud to be an employee of CarMax but because of the people that I have to work with mainly some managers and the way things are being done it has turned into more of a disgust. I have done nothing but try to bring these issues up to see if we could fix them. Instead I was tag as complainer and or exaggerating the circumstances. The fact is that if everyone thinks that these issues are ok nothing will ever change or get better. For this and other reasons I handed in my two weeks’ notice and was treated as if it was a relief to the company. I want to bring these issues out to corporate and if that is how you want to run your business so be it.

Jul 24, 2015

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