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Carmax / Be well prepared to enter a nightmare world!

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To anyone who is considering buying a car at CARMAX, I would think a 100 times before buying through them!

Here are the REASONS why:

I bought my car 15 months ago at CARMAX located in Dulles VA. Within the second day my car had to be towed back to CARMAX. Unfortunately nothing was obvious while test driving it. The rotors had to be changed, the HVAC had to be replaced, an alignment and new breaks among few other things on the list which ended up costing them $8000 to fix my car!!!

So much for claiming full inspection before the car is put on the lot... two words: FALSE ADVERTISING! Due to the fact my car was in the shop for 30 days, they had to extend my initial warranty to 60 days?

15 months later, I went back to get an electrical part of my mirror replaced and the steering pump replaced -- which was part of the initial problem but it was never fixed! Both parts are under my extended warranty which I paid an extra for it. Good thing I did! Two weeks later, I still do not have my
car back because they are arguing with the claims company to have the right piece shipped to them. In the meantime I am the one who is suffering going from one loaner to another loaner. The mirror and the steering pump should not take more than one day of labor. Do I really need to go through so much
hassle when I bought a warranty so I should not go through so much pain! I have been going back and forth (4) times now, if it happened to me I am sure it happened to others. It seems that this inefficient management is a common pattern.

Would I consider a car from CARMAX again? Absolutely not even if it was given to me for free. I would never want to go through the same experience again.

So for all the braves who are you still considering buying a car through CARMAX, just be well prepared to enter a nightmare world!!

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  • Re
      6th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes

    My stomach turns as I hearxrjese dopes say American cars a Rex kink. any abused vehicle is junk and Car Max sells junk domestic and foreign. Cases? My Xo worker bought a "Toyota" Camry v6 2009 28000 miles, extended warranty. Besides overheating a week after she bought it and the hvac needing to be overhauled and cleaned vents. Of mold. Again they didn't want to honor the warranty. Second my sister bought a 22000k 2007 dodge charger.that the day she bought it began stalling, traction light stuck on stereo crackling, dead battery, . So shovecyou butt kissing of the Japanese cars. I've worked on vehicles for 25 years, and they all break down, bit car Max is perpetrating massive fraud. Crooks.and if you amen their business practices you might as well have a mask and gun and rob people too.#dishonesty

  • Ki
      24th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    CarMax - Worst service ever
    United States

    I bought a 2008 dodge nitro, after driving it for a week the brake stated to make sounds, took it back three times they told me that all use cars have some problems, they did not fix it . They were only concern about the amount of repair not making sure the customers is satify with the purchase or thier service, which is the worst i have encounted. My recommadation is that if you don't want to get taken or ripped off do not buy a car from CARMAX.This was my first and last time buying a car from them.

  • Gi
      24th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes
    CarMax - Sold me a car with existing problems
    United States

    Carmax sold me a car that they knew had problems. They do not inspect thier cars prior to selling them- and if they do, then they willingly sell cars that have issues such as worn out breaks, doors falling off, and faulty heat shields.

    The service dept has inconvient hours, the technitions are hard to get a hold of, and they expect you to put your life on hold so that they can get to your car on thier own time. Carmax should be working for me, not making me rearange my day. My car is still under warrenty, I did not expect to have these problems.

    I will never deal with Carmax again, and I advise everyone else to do the same

  • Ja
      19th of Sep, 2018
    +1 Votes
    Carmax - Your commercial ads
    United States

    Is there a possibility that you could please stop showing the commercials with the tall guy with the blonde hair and glasses? To be completely honest those commercials with him just keep getting dumber and dumber and I'd appreciate it if you stopped showing them.

  • Ra
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Carmax - Airbag lights on.One month back to repair 8 times.Airbag does not work. I drive very dangerous.
    United States

    very bad. I am here to buy the car. The airbag lights always flicker. I came back here eight times a month. Did not fix it. Is still waiting.1131 Central Avenue Duarte ,CA91010

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