Carl's Jr.treatment of employees

It's really sad to see how General Manager Lae, in Hobbs New Mexico treats there employees. As an employee no one I know likes to be taken for granted... Sierra Rivera is a dedicated worker and busts her tail for you guys. She was demoted due to the fault of another General Manager Tim who robbed you guys and didn't take time to make sure that Sierra took the proper tests needed to stay shift leader.. But you guys used her to run the store and pass inspections, now you guys demoted her to bring someone else in and her name is Anna.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hobbs, NMIt's unprofessional for someone holding a leadership position and not even show up for her shifts its been 3 days in a row that she has called in, and today she does it again and doesn't show up for her shift after being called and Anna said she would make it. So now Sierra is covering her shifts and being demanded to run a store and that's not her place... She's being promised by Lae the General Manager that she will be properly trained and given a chance to become a shift leader but while being demoted Lae is wanting her to do manager work. I find this unfair and not professional of Lae to use Sierra in this manner... Sierra is a awesome worker she has passed inspections and has brought down drive inn times.. You really need to start appreciating your hardest workers...

May 04, 2017

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