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Hi Yesterday I went through drivethrough in Vista ca. and ordered 3 of your $5 box fries chicken strips meals. I asked the guy as I ordered if he could please make sure the fries and chicken were hot as last visit both were cold and soggy as if they had been sitting for a while. Well as I sat at the window I noticed the guy dump french fries back into oil and he and another employee were commenting on me wanting fresh hot fries. well the guy took fries and chicken out of oil and looked at other person and said oh well at least they are hot and proceeded to package and give me. well as i drove home i opened one box for some fries and was so upset because they were so over cooked and hard and so dry the chicken strips it was ridiculous. I guess me asking for fresh hot food was too much to ask. It seems to have been food that had been sitting and he just recooked it making it way overcooked. what a disappointment. this is the second time i have had a issue with the food.

Jun 27, 2018
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  • Ja
      Jul 08, 2018

    Why worry about my spelling...not your problem if you don't understand not your fault, poor training. Been going to Carl's Jr. for years and I have never bee n so disappointed as I am at this moment...false advertisement, they advertise all drinks any size for 1$ yet they charge you an extra 75 cents beware they do...two breakfast sandwiches for 4$ yet some how they don't do breakfast after a certain time, McDonalds doesn't do that anymore...OH by the
    way yesterday I got their 5$ meal deal and today it suddenly stopped and let along in all the other issues occurring in many of your fast food locations, sad my kids grew up with you since they where tot's we even collected your famous star Christmas ornaments, let me see does your cooperation even remember that. Carls Jr. aka Hardees think twice before you hire someone who won't ruin you long reputation as the best.

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