Caribbean Airlinesunethical behavior

On March 31st, 2017 I made a reservation through leaving from Fll to Piarco. My schedule dates were leaving May 25 at 6:35 P:M, arrival into P.O.S at 10:30 P:M return date June 7 at at 12:35P:M arrival into FLL at 4:35 P:M . My reservation was made two months in advance.
However, on April 25 I received an email from Justfly letting me know that Caribbean Airlines made a change to my itinenary for reservation #[protected] and I was to contact them as soon as possible at [protected] to discuss the change and to confirm new flight options.
After calling, and spending two hours on the phone with them the option was, I was going to be coming back in Miami instead of Fll, this was not feasible for me. I expressed this to them at my age and the cost getting from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.
The final decision was that I would be refunded my money.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FLAt first they started an offer of $255.00 as I would not be refunded the Csa Travel Protection and the seat reservation. I declined that offer as I paid $295.90 for the package and I wanted the entire amount refunded. Another offer of $274.00 was offered. I was adamant I wanted my full amount or I was going to take this matter further. Finally I was advised that the full amount would be refunded and it will take 6-8 weeks.
I realized that I am the victim, I did not cancel my flight with Caribbean Airlines, they sold my seat and could not accomodate me. why should I wait for two months for my account to be credited.
Please check your records and the information that I have provided will substantiate my claim.
Thank you for looking into this matter. I hope we will have an amicable resolution.
Veronica M. Forde
8901 Sunrise Lakes Blvd., # 104
Sunrise, Fl 33322

Apr 28, 2017

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