Caribbean Airlinesmy experience

My name is Kadian Rochester I travelled with this airline for the first time in November of 2016 from mbj to jfk . The experience was not a good one . My flight was November 24 to 30 I checked in and my boarding pass was stamped ssss it was then handed to a security who excorted me to a room where I was told to removed my shoes and my shoe, hand bag, carry on, and jacket was swab after leaving that room I was called out at the gate again and taken to another room where I was again searched . Now this is rediculous what could I have taken up from where the security left me to the gate that was illegal ? I felt like a criminal the incident left me terrefied and displeased . I made several attempts to contact the airline since but no luck . For this experience I am requesting some for of compensation because when I made queries at the airport I was told it came directly from the airline who they should check . I am a cop but I do not expect to be treated differently but I do not appreciate what happened I felt very violated and will be speaking to my lawyer about it .

May 07, 2017

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