Caribbean Airlineschange made to tickets which was not done in the system of caribbean airlines

On 11th April I purchased four tickets for my family and I to travel the 06th May 2017 and return on the 25th June 2017 to POS/YYZ/POS. One ticket was purchased for US $515.23 while the other three tickets were purchased with the use of 90, 000 miles which I also had to pay taxes which amounted to US $323.94.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to make our stipulated flight, I called to Caribbean Airlines and to Caribbean Airlines Miles Department on the day before and explained the situation. I was told that we would be able to get on the next flight on that same day and that the tickets which I had purchased with the miles had been adjustment for the next flight and the tickets which was purchased with cash that I would needed to pay the date change/time change when I arrived to the airport for the next flight which I agreed to.

My family and I have been greatly inconvenienced upon arriving to the airport for the flight only to be told that since we did not make our previous flight that we were not able to travel since their system was not showing any changes and that I needed to contact Caribbean Miles which I did, only to be told that because we missed our flight our three return flights which was purchased with our miles have also been cancelled and that we had lost our 90, 000 miles and also our taxes which was paid on those three flight of US $323.94.

For us to be able to get to where we needed to be we now had to purchase three new return tickets and the ticket which was previously purchased with cash we needed to pay the date change/time change which now costed us a total of TT $17, 609.

I find it absurd that some of the people working at Caribbean Airlines do not perform the jobs which they should, had it been done the changes would have been noted in their system. I would like that Caribbean Airlines take responsibility for their error and refund and compensate me my TT $17, 609 and for my family's inconvenience.

May 15, 2017

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