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Mobile, AL, United States

I went to restaurant on lunch break ordered 4.99 southern fish plate with extra hush puppies when I got to window she gave me total of 5.49 charge me then realized so she wanted card back to charge 5.87 for 2 extra puppies so I said no I don't want you to charge my card again it was only like 70 cents she coulda gave me them hush puppies her mistake but she was like you want me to take the 2 extra out since you don't want to pay but I wanted to pay you messed up so I was like yea just take them off so it'll be what you charge me cause you saying it might be-2 hours before my money back and that's will be a 10 dollar lunch instead of 5 so I guess they got upset cause when I did get order my plate was sloppy and fish was broke up in peices it was suppose to be a whole peice I went the day before and enjoyed it so I went back when I went in the manager acted like she was so surprise she can't believe my fish broke up like that but you back there fixing plates you did that I didn't fall for it for a minute you made my plate ugly and broke my fish up to be spiteful cause y'all got mad cause I didn't want my card ran again when the decent thing to do is not ask the customer for they card back!!! It's give them lil60 cents and give me the hush puppies it was your your mistake but no!! I went there 2 days in a row will never go back cause they thought I wasn't going to look in my plate till I was too far but something said check your food cause she already got it wrong. I work with the plubic and I know you make mistakes but don't break nobody fish up and throw they plate toghether cause they didn't want to get double charged I never would treat my customers that way

Apr 27, 2017

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