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I've been to canadain tire twice for and oil change. The worst experience I've ever had with oil changes. First time I went in for an oil change and a tire for my car it took three hours, I was given a standard oil change for my trouble and time. My car take's synthetic so it was no good for my car this was in October 2016 in the Barrie south store, figured I would use it for my wife's car today went it the shop and was told the credit was only good at the Barrie north store, and after going to the second shop I had to wait an hour for the change plus my time for the drive it's a small wonder how a shop can make money that way. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me .


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      Apr 22, 2017

    I went to canadian tire this morning for a oil change had to wait for a hour, they put my car in the bay and put it back out side and said that the guy put it in the wrong bay which at that point would take another hour for the oil change because of this 25 point inspection it takes an hour for the oil change well I don't want a 25 point inspection just a quick oil change so instead of waiting another hour I asked for my keys back, two hours for a oil change something that only takes 15 or 20 minutes tops and you call that GOOD service know I know why they call it CRAPPY Tire and being a long time customer means nothing.

    Darrell Windsor, ON

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      May 08, 2017

    Never take your car to Canadian Tire. We had problems with brake lights. They charged $100.00 for a "diagnostic", then claimed a bulb was loose because I'd put one it in wrong (which I doubt) and that another was burnt out. There were no burnt out bulbs, and did the mechanic bother to tighten the loose bulb? Nope; apparently, that's beyond what they'll do in one of their "diagnostics" -- they can't bother with five seconds of extra efforts and wanted another $100.00 to simply change the bulbs. No other garage in the world would do this. We only took it there because it was a Sunday and they were the only place open. Our regular mechanic would have chuckled that I'd put the bulb in wrong (if in fact that's what happened -- I'm not sure they even looked at the car because, as I said, there were no burnt out bulbs) and he would have charged next to nothing. Demanding $100.00 for work like this is absurd.

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