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Canadian Tire / management

1 4630 sheppard avenue east, Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario, Canada


Pls find this as a serious complaint against the manager of one of the locations located at Sheppard Avenue East and Mccowan Rd, Scarborough, ON. I got a portable heater for 69.99 on Jan 16, 2019 and tried it for 1 day and was not satisfied with the performance. Therefore, went on Jan 18, 2019 to return it when I got to know from the customer service department in the store that I cannot return it but can do exchange on it because I opened it. I got another one for 139.99 instead and paid extra and exchanged it but specifically asked the same employee whether I do not open the box, Can i return it completely and get the refund and she said Yes as long as the box is not open I can return it and get full refund back. I confirmed with her twice or thrice about this otherwise, would definitely not put more money on it.
I didn't open the box and went on Jan 20, 2019 to return it because I got a better deal somewhere else. The customer service said I cannot return it at all. I got really upset and explained her in a polite manner what I was told by the employee that day and that she explained me wrong and it is not my fault. She called her manager who is very rude and does not know how to do customer service and he is MANAGER of the store. Archie is his name and he started threatening me and shouting at me in the store and said that It is against the policy and I tried explaining him that the employee gave me wrong information and therefore, I do not want any store credit or exchange . He started abusing me in front of everyone and his staff was laughing too. After few arguments from his side, as he didn't let me speak after a point and I told him that you are not letting me speak and he further said" Yes, I would not let you speak". That is not how a manager should behave to any customer and I do not understand how he became a manger with such attitude that he showing to his staff as well. I got threatened and scared so I called my friend who accompanied me that day when I came to return earlier and we both had the conversation with the lady who said "you can return it fully". After a point, the manager started yelling at him too and said " Now I would not even give you guys a store credit. You can do what you want. You can stand here all night and We do not care".

I would like to get apology from this so called MANAGER and he owes the explanation as to why he behaves like this to his customers. I am very serious about this matter. I would like this incident to be escalated to upper level and get an answer for all this misbehaving with the customers.
Is that the customer service Canadian Tire gives??
Are these seriously the right employees especially the manager??
I would further ask my lawyers to put a case for this specific employee of yours for behaving rude, irrational, threatening and giving the worst customer service experience ever.

Jan 21, 2019

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