Canadian Tireincorrect diagnosis among other issues related to my car not getting repaired

Last Friday afternoon my wife informed me that the car was making a funny noise. I gave a listen and figured I should get it checked out. I figured the only place in town that might have a mechanic on would be Canadian Tire. I called the Alliston store and was told that there were no mechanics in but I could book the car in for Saturday. I did. On Saturday when I went to drop the car off the Service advisor turned me away because they were too busy to look at my car.
I was called back a half hour later with a message that they could look at my car. I returned to the service counter and let them diagnose the issue. I was told that it was a tensioner pulley and belt. The parts needed to be ordered and I shouldn't drive the car far. The parts would be in the next morning and they could work on my car on the Monday. We booked the car in for the Monday. On Monday I left the car at Canadian Tire and walked home. After getting home I received a phone call that the parts had not arrived. I could pay extra for them to get the parts from another source or wait till 3 for the next delivery of parts. I opted to wait. At 5:30 I called the store to see what was up with my car. I was told there was a misdiagnosis. The noise must be the AC condenser, they were putting my car back together I could come pick it up, I would not have to pay for the work done on my car that day. When I picked up my car I asked, "Is it safe to drive?" The girl at the counter did not know. After getting home my wife asked if I got my money back for the incorrect diagnosis, since I was still did not know for sure what was wrong with my car. I spent $67.78 on diagnosis (Invoice [protected]) and I don't know if my car is safe to drive. If this could be returned I would appreciate it.
I will get the answer to my question somewhere, but it won't be at a Canadian Tire.

Jul 24, 2018

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