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Canadian Tire Fredericton / bad customer service

1 United States

There is a lady at the customer service counter that always gives me a hard time, as I would often catch her conducting return fraud, when returning an item she would return the item under the sales price indirectly ripping me the customer off. Today she got her revenge.

I typically take advantage of a "loan a tool" program at this store due to its advantages, you pay for a tool and you get your refund for the tool once you take the tool back.

Well I did three rentals over the duration of the last few months and apparently the books didnt balance on the last tool return, this lady whom doesnt like me reported me to the manage and here is where the arguing started:

Without going into extreme details, the manager was accusing me of returning the tool twice and double dipping on a refund. The hole in the managers story is four fold

1. the tools were rented 3 times

2. the receipts provided showed amounts that didnt match ie. credits and debits didnt match each other.

3. my credit card statement including floating balance did not reflect this "extra" money they seem to think I received.

4. Apparently they had video footage but could not substantiate anything, which is borderline threatening behavior. They treat their customers like garbage.

So the entire argument or conversation started with them trying to call the cops and realizing no mater how they stuck to their story they couldnt conclusively prove anything so they back off the cop scare tactic then they tried the " you shop here a lot" we just want to fix this mistake tactic, lets go upstairs so we can see your credit card balance on "our computers" not realizing how many countless laws they are breaking by invading into peoples private data and confidential information.

Then get this... she ( the manager) takes my credit card and notes the expiry date and .. this is what blows my mind... after the argument I told them listen I understand your side but I have to look into my credit statements and see if there was an overpayment if so I will consult my credit card company and get it fixed, instead this lady Fredericton, canadian tire smythe makes a manual transaction to "balance" her imaginary books for the sum of almost 200 dollars.

I didnt even know she did it till I tried to make a purchase and it was declined only an hour after I left the store due to her illegal activity. I didnt even make a purchase at the canadian tire I was there simply looking around!!!

Anyhow the entire matter is before the credit card company and I am expecting a favourable outcome on my part as they " canadian tire" cannot prove the overage as such doesnt exist ie, credits and debits are 0 on my card, thus the extra surreptitious illegal charge made by this lady manager would seal their fate as a dubious organization of cheaters liars and thieves.

Beware of canadian tire stay away from their organization no matter how good the deal is, we just do not have the resources to see our transactions at a level to audit them in real time and expect certain protections of which canadian tire does not subscribe to.

Boycott them they do not deserve my business or anyones business for that matter.


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