Canadian Tirecar pump / bad customer service

On 04 May 2017, I went to Canadian Tire to return the car pump that I purchased in April, because It didn't work when I tried to use it.
When I first arrived, the supervisor was at the counter told me to change it so I chose another pump but the price was cheaper and I didn't have anything else in mind to buy.

An employee was standing at the counter told me that I still need to buy something for the remaining price because this is the store policy.

I was surprised by this and told her that I tried to pick something but at this moment, I doesn't have anything particular in mind didn't find so please give me the difference or a gift card so she gently told me that the store policy does not give gifts card or return money, they only change the product and she also spoke to her supervisor over the phone to see if they can return the money.

After several request from me to give me the money or a gift card, I asked to speak with the supervisor and after couple of minutes the supervisor came with rude face and told me the same issue and this is the store policy.

I told her, I respect what you are saying about the store policy and the system but I insist on returning the money or giving a gift card and I'm sure there is a way you can do it.

After this discussion, she said to me in a very rude way:"Sir, you have three choices, either take the broken product as it is and when you remember that you need something to buy come and exchange it or take another product so the prices meet the difference or take another working pump".
After seeing the way she responded to me, I told her, I don't want anything anymore just give me back my money.

She told me in a rude way, I'm sorry sir, I cannot give you back your money and I told you the options I have and I will leave now to decide which one you choose and let me know. After that, she turned her back on me in a very disrespectful way and went to speak to another customer.

The employee came to speak to me and see what I want to do so the supervisor turned and said to her, leave him alone and work with another customer.

At this moment, I felt very insulted and humiliated, standing alone on the counter like I am a nobody so then I spoke loudly and told them that this is not accepted and I am a client here so show some respect and yet nobody spoke to me. Then, I saw the director coming so the supervisor went and told him about my issue.

The director spoke to me in a very friendly way and explain it to me and tried to see if he can solve it in any other way and when he find out that he can't he apologized for that, asked the employee to take care of me and left.

I respected him a lot for the way he acted and the professional way he spoke.

I calmed down and I decided to fill a complaint online and not to waste anymore time on this issue and I was still feeling very offended and humiliated so I went back to the store and grabbed any Item with the same price and I returned the new pump because I didn't want to spend any extra money at Canadian Tire store because I was very upset.

I am sending this message because when I went home I realized that the supervisor does not represent Canadian Tire customer service.

I am a loyal client to this store and despite what happened I will remain but I only wanted to share this with you to help avoid any similar act at your stores.

I decided not to mention any name in this complaint but in case you need it I will provide it to the concern party.

May 04, 2017

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