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Canadian tire Meadowvale .invoice #[protected] January 19 2017.Dealing with Desmond Chatura. Had new rad installed, have been back 6 times to get there mistakes fixed and still not fixed. One defective hose, two times for defective thermostats, two times for coolant leaks because the hoses were put on proper. Another shop looked at it and said they over tightened the bolts for the shroud, cracked it so coolant leeks out. Had an appoint booked Saturday April 29 showed Desmond the bolts and he started yelling this at me and said he could not look at it today because three mechanics were sick and bring it back. I am very mad have had to three days off work, lost the use off the truck for three Saturdays and have been in on Sundays when I have showed him where it leaks. I am at the point to get a lawyer and take this to court. Dave Wallace [protected]. 54-7430 Copenhagen Road Mississauga Ontario L5N2C4

Apr 30, 2017

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