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I went to Canadian Tire, mavis rd Mississauga on December 28th, 2013 to get rust proofing done on my car. I have Nissan Altima 2005. I chose a complete corrosion package that had an 18 month warranty. I had them do this. In March I saw corrosion dots on my car. I went back to them and the store staff was very rude and said the service manager is not in and they cant make decision. When I called the service manager whose name is Tony he told me that it was the corrosion company's responsibilty. Then he called me again and said that the corrosion company's warranty did not cover me since they only cover cars from 2011 forward. No one had told me that when I was getting the treatment done. Tony also kept on telling me that since I am not the original owner of the car (as if it was a crime) how do I know if the car wasn't already rusted. They should have told me before doing the rust proofing if it was or not. They always seem to cheat you out your money by telling you that there is so much more wrong with your car when you go to get something as simple as an oil change done.
I have called and left three messages for the store manager Andre Graham and he has not bothered to return a single call.
I believe to Canadian Tire to be the biggest cheats and would advice people never to go there.

Apr 24, 2014
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  • Ki
      12th of May, 2014

    Never ever go to Canadian Tire for repair work like this. Why? Just by what you went through and many others. Their staff is like under qualified or inexperience employees who lack the service and knowledge and respect for patrons' vehicles.

    Cheap these days means, headache, pay the extra in all what you do 'within reason' and avoid the idiots, same with Wal-Mart mechanics, my god, no!

    Dealers a pricey but some places in all towns do have that under-dog that wants your lifetime business. We no longer go to the dealer in our town due to 'extra' work they claim we need. A little research yourself will protect you, otherwise you will pay the outcome sooner or later, shoppers need to be 'streetwise' and test the market.

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