Canada Post / missing item

Welland, ON, Canada

I received a package from the sender on December 22nd 2014 with the contents of the package missing. I called Canada Post about the missing item and they instructed me that since I am not the sender than I could not open a dispute in regard to this matter. They did, however give men a REF # [protected], to use when the sender opens the dispute.Upon contacting the seller about the problem, he instructed me that he would contact USPS about the problem "tomorrow", December 23rd. On December 24th I asked where we were at with the dispute with the claim and he told me " I'll find out what I can Fri, It's Christmas tomorrow and the Post Office is closed."

A week later on January 1st I again asked what USPS has said and his reply was "Filed a complaint with USPS, still waiting to hear back. Calling them again Monday." (January 5th)I called USPS on Tuesday January 6th to inquire myself and they told me that they do not have a report filed for a dispute on this package.

I called the local sorting facility in Welland to inquire about why they would send an open package to my house when the item that was in the package was clearly missing. He told me that he would call me back if thee were any other complaints from other houses on that same route. He called back and said that there weren't. My wife saw the postal carrier drop the package off in the mailbox so if the package was always in the possession of Canada Post than the item had to have been taken from an Employee somewhere within the organization along the transit of the package at a sorting facility.

It went from Syracuse New York, Jamaica New York, St. Laurent Quebec, Montreal Quebec, Stoney Creek and than Welland

Canada Post

Jan 23, 2015

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