Canada Post / lost/undelivered package

My package was supposed to be delivered on dec 22 2014 and now it's jan 09 2015, and I still haven't received it. With the tracking option, I find that it is being held in my city. So I call canada post and ask them when and how I can get my package. Their response: we cannot help you. I have to contact the sender (Who happens to be in korea) (Bear in mind: what if I cannot contact the sender??) and they have to "open an investigation" (Whatever the hell that's means) with their local postal service, who in turn must contact canada post. Then only can canada post try to locate my package. Why should the sender or an international postal service do that, when my package is clearly in canada, and in my city?!! This is the third time in the same month that canada post has failed to deliver my packages. I highly condemn this crappy postal service and advise people not to waste time and money with canada post, especially given that they do not give a [censored] to do an effective job at delivery and locating undelivered/lost items.

Jan 9, 2015

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