Canada Post / inflexible policies

ottawa, canada, Ottawa, ON, CA

So, I had a pair of boots delivered to a pick-up location, but the address was off by one number (Unit 105 instead of Unit 106) I called in to Canada Post's customer service centre to have the boots redelivering to the correct address. The customer service rep said there was nothing they could do because the package had already been marked for re-delivery. I called in a second time to see if I could have it redelivered to the original address (I have a good relationship with the business owners who operate out of Unit 105) but the second service rep gave me the same response. Most other courier companies will re-deliver upon customer request. How is sending a package back to the original sender time or cost efficient? How, in the age of online purchases, is this policy effective, efficient, or helpful? Get with the times Canada Post.

Nov 29, 2017

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