Canada Post / inept service

WINDSOR Ontario, Canada

I received two delivery notices in my community mailbox for items that I cannot pickup until afternoon of the next day because the larger drop box were full of other neighbour's packages.
One of the items is a birthday present that arrived in toronto 4 days ago. It took only two days to get to toronto from california yet it will sit for two days because my carrier would rather spend 5 minutes writing out a delivery notice than take 30 seconds to drop it off at my house that passed by twice while I was walking to my mailbox.
When I called to complain the representative said that is the policy. These policies need to change. I should not get penalized because my neighbours had deliveries that took up both drop box spaces. Ironically, the two items delivered were a watch and a camera remote and would have both fit in my regular box so this is unneeded frustration from an asinine company.

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