[Resolved] Canada Post Employeeno parcels in one year and a half

i want to know if anyone else has had this problem i filed a complained against a postman for losing two of my packages and since then i seem him delivering to everyone on the street but me this has been going on for one full year and a half, i complained with the local depot nothing still is being done i had to reopen my ombudsman case i have no choice in addition to this i put a complaint with canada human rights because this is discrimination he chooses not to deliver to my address only i have on video delivering to everyone else but me this is not right something i believe is mentally wrong with this individual like get over it you lost the package ages ago i got over it be he chooses to card even small envelopes that can fit in my community mail box and the mullock postal outlet does nothing looks like for some reason there protecting this guys but maybe Human Rights can straighten this out when they get involved because I have a right to receive my mail like everyone else he wants to take this to court I am ready to do what ever I have to do this is like being treated like animal no more. If anyone else has encountered someone like this its in the newmarket and Bonshaw area he deliversYonge and Bonshaw let me know.

  • Resolution statement

    The issue has not been resolved yet no one called me back I was told that the supervisor would call back he never did. I truly believe if you have a complaint against Canada Post your situation will get worse before it gets better you may have to go outside to the federal government to let them know that this person chooses not to deliver mail to my address which is a case of discrimination I believe and at this point Human Rights is the only option.

Jan 25, 2015

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